V9.6.8, the master of Zhouyi, cracked the edition / registration machine.

The ancients said, "giving children a thousand dollars is better than teaching children." He also said: "we are not afraid of wrongdoing, but we are afraid of getting the wrong name." We can see the importance of names to people.
Research shows that names will affect people's life.
The choice of your baby's name is in your hands, but you are not a computer, not a dictionary. How can you think of many colorful names and make a choice?
This software can produce thousands of good names at the same time by referring to your baby's surname, gender, birthday, eight characters, Tian Ge, geography, personality, outer lattice, general character and three talented figures. You can also select full names in the output according to stroke number, Pinyin, five lines, and specifying characters.
The software also provides more than 10 methods for naming choices, such as naming names, homonyms, birthday names, idioms naming and English naming.
In addition to the naming function, the software also has other colorful functions, such as inquiring birthday characters, birthday codes, blood type passwords, constellation analysis, pre production date calculation and other practical functions.

V9.6.8, the master of Zhouyi, cracked the edition / registration machine:
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