Photo software star certification V5.0 version

Star certification is a professional certificate photo production software, with a key cutting, intelligent background replacement, major advantages of mass production, built-in license specifications. At the same time, the two original technology: intelligent removal of the oily skin, clothing replacement license. At the same time support online shooting: support network camera and camera online. This passport software has been widely used in the public security system, vehicle management, school, bureau of immigration, the foreign affairs department and other relevant departments.


Star certification (5)

 Star certification

Star certification Function introduction

The latest version of the 5 star certification since release, has been recognized and praised, mainly because of powerful star certification. Star certification documents as required for processing all the built-in function of the set is equivalent to the photo editing software, passport for background software, passport, passport photo typesetting software print software. The main function of it is a key to complete the replacement, intelligent background, mass production and can support various documents according to the specifications and all kinds of printers and printing. Two of its original technology: intelligent removal of the oily skin, let it replace the license of clothing occupies an important position in many of the ID photo processing software.

 Analytic function

Star certification Usage method

Star certification certificate photo is a powerful and making software, its use is relatively simple. The following will introduce the use method of the star certification.

 Use the steps


Star certification Common problem And the solutions

 Common problems and Solutions


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