Mind mapping software XMind 8 Pro Professional Edition crack patch / serial number

XMind is the widespread use of mind mapping software, with user experience and simple operation, powerful function and excellent productivity and creativity is higher for 2 million users. The application of XMind Eclipse RCP software architecture is a set of global advanced, mind map and brainstorming in one of the "visual thinking" tool can be used to capture ideas, clear thinking, management of complex information and promote teamwork.


XMind 8 Pro / XMind 7 Pro Update 1 + (Windows and Linux) patch (Code: xhe7)

 Mind map

XMind in the mind map structure contains a central root theme, and radiation around the central theme of many main branches. In addition to the mind map structure, XMind also provides the organization chart, tree diagram, logic diagram, these charts have played an important role in a variety of situations. For example, the organization chart can clearly display the company / Department / team structure, logic diagram is very useful in classification of reasons, more importantly, all of these charts can be used in a map! Each branch, even every subject, can have the appropriate structure. The usability is very large.


XMind 8 New features

 New features

The new user work area

XMind 8 has a new appearance and visual effects. When editing, just click the mouse, can quickly open, close and switch view. This improvement will greatly improve your work efficiency, and greatly improve the thinking map your experience.

The new slideshow

XMind 8 Chinese version of the new slide presentation based on slide-by-slidepresentation, using XMind based on the slide presentation, create, display and sharing presentations become easier than ever. Simply select the target topic, and then click the plus button, a new slide will automatically create. Thinking has such perfect mapping and integration in XMind.

Clip art new

A new Clip Gallery can easily help you decorate the mind map. In order to help you express your thoughts on the vision, XMind 8 offers 109 new design clipart and grouping. Through the new clip, you can make a more intuitive mind map.

A new template

You can use a variety of readily available and useful mind mappingtemplate. Anyone can use the template in XMind, to create a beautiful mind map. And the use of mind mapping template, can save a lot of time. The most important thing is that all the template is free!


XMind 8 application area

 Mind map use

In many areas of our life and work and learning, can use mind map. The mind map is a continuous development and improvement of the tool, and it is also a door in the continuous scouring and improving technology.

Note: when we need to record the point, with a mind map for the record, the main points to write down the relevant keywords, thoughts are connected by lines, it is organized, easy to remember.

Group learning: in this process, each member's opinions are considered to enhance their sense of belonging and cooperation. Thinking together, also can produce more creative and useful ideas. The mind map is the team members have the same crystallization direction and conclusion.

8 excellent XMind Template display

 XMind 8 template

 XMind excellent template

XMind powerful, fresh, simple and practical, the default theme for other format appearance, good compatibility, provide Gantt charts, diagrams and other matrix structure, function characteristics of the drill drill provided, thinking to facilitate the management of great map, XMind with convenient management thinkmap canvas concept hierarchy. People with XMind in mind mapping software, graphics rendering, can keep a clear mind, always grasp the global plan or task, it can help people to study and work in improving efficiency.


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