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WinRAR 4.20 version introduction

1. RAR compressed change:

A) RAR conventional compression algorithm, better use of multi processor core. At the same time can increase the speed of single processor mode, multi core environment better compression results.

To enhance the speed of the effect depends on the data type and the average file size. In the compressed file multi core higher utilization rate.

B) for faster compression speed, we have to increase the use of memory. The conventional RAR compression algorithm allocates about 120 MB memory, and WinRAR 4. 11 40 MB;

C) RAR text compression cannot be effectively used CPU core, so in a multi processor environment which has better performance than the conventional compression to low. No matter how much a CPU number, the decompression speed slower than a conventional algorithm. So we decided to disable the default text algorithm.

If you need to get the maximum compression ratio of pure text data, you can enable text compression in the advanced compression parameters dialog box. Click on the compression dialog "advanced" page "compression..." Button to access it.

You can also change this option permanently in the default compression profile;

You can use the -mct command line switch to enable text compression;

D) the "fastest" (-m1) compression mode now support multi processor core. 4. 11 this model can only be used in single core processor.

2. RAR conventional decompression algorithm speed is slightly improved,

Different Rar compression algorithm will lead to different. RAR cannot use multi processor core decompression, so its performance does not depend on the number of cores.

3. the change of ZIP compression:

Now ZIP a) compression support multi processor core, which can achieve obvious performance improvement in multi core environment. The use of a single CPU ZIP compression is also faster than 4.11;

B) ZIP compression memory usage increased to about 15 MB.

4. create and can use multiple CPU core to achieve higher processing speed processing volume.

However, typically hard drive seek speed is a limiting factor for recovery volumes, so the use of solid state disk when the effect will be more obvious.

5. now -mt< > > < thread thread allowed value is set to 1 - 32, instead of 0-16.

6. "find file" command can search in the compressed 7-Zip file data. Before the find file does not support.7z compression format.

7. WinRAR and WinRAR SFX module no longer support Windows 2000.

8. "advanced SFX options" dialog box "to save the current settings" button now only convert existing compressed files to SFX files available. This is the button to save option applies only to convert to SFX operation.

When you create or update the self extracting file only stored in the default compression SFX options in the configuration. For these operations, ignore the "save advanced SFX options in the options dialog box.

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