SyncBackPro V6.5.4.0 register file synchronization backup

SyncBackPro is a powerful backup software solution with every feature you can dream of. Finally, PC backup software that works the way you do.

SyncBackPro is an advanced file backup and synchronization program. It can be used in hard disk, the rewritable disc (including Blu ray), cloud backup server (support Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure), U disk and flash memory cards, FTP and security FTP server, ZIP compressed files (supports Zip64 compression and 256 bit AES encryption), e-mail server and network sharing to synchronize files between folders. The program is simple to use, but for advanced users to provide a large number of configuration options, and executable scripts during synchronization. SyncBackPro is an award-winning synchronous program - enhanced version of SyncBackSE.

SyncBackSE is a simple and easy-to-use file backup, recovery and synchronization tool, can be in the local disk, network disk, FTP server, ZIP package or the use of removable storage devices. The use of this software to backup their data with one hundred thousand global users every day.

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