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Screen recording software Mirillis Action 3.5.2 patch!

Mirillis Action! Is a excellent HD screen recording software, it can use the video recording HD perfect effect reduction of Windows Aero! Real time recording the running HD video game, game show (FPS), and can add real-time audio commentary, video game tutorial for creating high quality; of course you can also use it to record web video playback, recording music, capture screenshots and so on!

The main features of Mirillis Action:

1, DirectX 9/10/11, OpenGL support recording HD video games and applications, and support FPS game performance benchmark.
2, support in the game in the process of recording the real-time add audio commentary, to make the perfect game video tutorial!
3, a custom recording display area, select the application window or full screen video recording mode.
4, built-in game recording, active desktop, custom area recording mode function, easy to use!
5, NVIDIA CUDA and Intel Quick support Sync Video Technologies hardware acceleration!
6, support the screen wearing and screenshots of the game is automatically saved, and will not interrupt the game running program!

Mirillis Action 3.5.2 setup: Https://download.mirillis.com/files/action_3_5_2_setup.exe

Mirillis Action 3.5.2 patch: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/11DwPmZki5nrMAsE2G8bDbg