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Mac read and write NTFS for Mac tool Tuxera Chinese cracked version

Tuxera NTFS for Mac Mac to read and write the external storage tools, powerful disk management and repair function, it can read and write NTFS format hard disk in Mac, quick access, editing, storage and transmission of documents.

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Mac Cleanup tool CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac is a professional Mac cleaning tools, just need a key smart clean, can make Mac to restore the original best performance, is an indispensable tool for MAC system. The CleanMyMac3 itself has a secure database, it is a list of items, with certain specifications, software can be determined to correct selection and cleaning of the Mac junk files, more safe and reliable!


CleanMyMac 3

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Mac read and write NTFS files NTFS for Mac tool Paragon version 15 crack

NTFS for Mac is a professional Mac to read and write NTFS file read and write tools, you can easily solve the problem of Windows Mac does not recognize the NTFS file, allowing you to easily read and write NTFS external storage file.

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 NTFS for Mac

Mac Parallels Desktop Business Edition virtual machine for Mac Enterprise Edition

The Mac virtual machine Parallels Desktop 12 to use, no need to restart to run Mac and Windows applications at the same time. In between the Windows and the Mac OS application and free drag and drop files directly from the Mac dock to start the Windows program.


Parallels Desktop 12 (setup) / Parallels Desktop Business Edition (Code: udpj)

 Parallels Desktop

BenVista PhotoZoom Pro crack version 7

BenVista S-Spline PhotoZoom Pro 7 uses a unique technology award-winning, bring the world first-class digital image enlargement and reduction technology for you. PhotoZoom Pro 7 can render a perfect photograph, showing incomparable quality effects. We use a powerful and easy to use software interface, you can create a sharp and clear image magnification, avoid the artificial effect of jagged edges, details and fuzzy nature.

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