KLS Backup 2011 Professional keygen + Crack Patch

KLS Backup 2011 is a powerful backup and synchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronize your data to local and network drives, cloud storage, CD/DVD media, WebDAV or FTP server. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed in standard Zip, 7-Zip or SQX format. KLS Backup can backup: files and folders 2011 from local drives. Network locations or cloud storage, databases mail, boxes and other application specific data (Profiles). Advanced version management, makes possible to find and restore any backup version within seconds. The synchronization feature allows you to easily synchronize the contents of two different folders.

KLS Backup is a powerful file synchronization backup tool, you can backup to disk local disk or network system specified, CD/DVD disk, or a remote FTP server. Can not compress the data backup, can also be used in standard ZIP, 7z or SQX storage. In addition, it also compares the contents of a directory function, can realize the file version control easily.

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KLS Backup 2011 official website: http://www.kls-soft.com/klsbackup/


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