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Anti keyboard record KeyScrambler Professional / Premium key / crack patch

KeyScrambler encrypts all the keys that users type in the kernel of the operating system in real time. KeyScrambler supports windows 10, 8.1 and so on (32 bit and 64 bit version), all windows storage applications, most browsers and hundreds of independent applications, which are very important for enterprises of all sizes, involving communication, office, finance, password management, creativity, cloud computing and so on.

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QFX KeyScrambler Premium crack patch

KeyScrambler is a mature Anti Keylogger that can encrypt your keystrokes in real time to prevent keyboard keyloggers and keyloggers from stealing information on malware.

KeyScrambler offers you the following main advantages:

  • It defeats known and unknown keyloggers and keyboard malware.
  • It always takes one step ahead of the bad guys.
  • You can see how KeyScrambler works and how much time it takes.

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