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Screenshot of the software HyperSnap 7 Chinese cracked version

HyperSnap is a veteran of the outstanding screenshot tool, the new interface, not only can grasp the standard desktop program can crawl DirectX, 3Dfx Glide or DVD video game screen map. To 20 a variety of graphic formats (including: BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PCX etc.) save and read the picture. You can use shortcut keys or automatic timer from the screen capture. Its features include: display the mouse trajectory, collecting tools in image grabbing, image editing (with special effects, color, etc.) can choose from TWAIN devices (scanners and digital cameras capture).

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HyperSnap 8.16.07 ri

HyperSnap 8 is a screen capture from the Windows screen of the fastest, the most simple method. The powerful function of HyperSnap will be first-class screen capture application with advanced image editing utility combination - contained in an easy to use tool. Now compatible with Windows 10 desktop mode.

HyperSnap 8 setup:
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64-bit version>>> Http://hyperionics.com/downloads/HS8Setup.exe

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