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Foxit Advanced PDF Editor paragraph editor

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor for a large number of PDF documents can be directly paragraphs, font editor, when modifying text, content, or page, it will automatically rearrange the text, to help users create professional looking PDF documents. In the absence of the source file, Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is undoubtedly the most ideal user PDF document solutions.

Edit and generate professional PDF documents

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor provides high performance, help users to easily and quickly create professional looking PDF documents, including its outstanding performance:

PDF editor

  • Open, edit and save PDF files; modify text, fonts, pictures etc.;
  • A similar word processing software, support section editing and rearrangement of automatic text, advanced text adjustment allows full control of automatic text adjustment function, the user can specify the parameters in the process of adjustment to modify the text, make the document more professional, users can even in different columns or different pages to perform this function;
  • The integration of multiple text boxes and text rearrangement;
  • By inputting different color text, modify the document tracking;
  • Use the grid, ruler, auxiliary lines and other tools, to simplify the layout of the page editor;
  • Automatic page rearrangement;
  • OCR correction allows text correction for printing documents scanned;
  • Simple functions can be quickly selected ciphertext and modify any text, modify the function of safe and reliable, the deletion of the document after the original, there will be a small black box covering the area;
  • CMYK color selector in accordance with the industry standard to ensure that the selected in colors on the screen can be accurately printed to paper documents;
  • Combination, hide and lock graphics. This function creates a shear mask and by using vertical ruler support simple editing, mesh, auxiliary line, margin tools such as easily aligning objects;
  • Add the document header and footer;
  • Modify the text and image;
  • Inline spelling error correction, to help you quickly find errors;
  • Rapid adjustment margins.

Cross PDF document search and replace

  • Support in the PDF file or directory to find multiple PDF documents in text. The operation execution support in all documents, and in this process to retain the integrity of the original document and can track any errors or problems;
  • The font, color or size of search and replace the contents of PDF documents;
  • More and more advanced search criteria to allow use by text size, font color and narrow the search range, easy to modify headers and footers and does not affect other similar content in the body of the document.

Create PDF

  • Support the creation of compatibility with industry standard PDF documents from more than 200 other office document formats, Foxit ISO products meet 32000-1/PDF 1.7 standards, such as compatible with other Adobe R PDF and other PDF products.

Recombinant PDF

  • Support multiple PDF documents placed to a PDF page, which is composed of the object of the page, the user can also zoom, rotate and move the object;
  • The number of simple drag and drop any PDF document, which can be integrated into a single document, can also use the powerful "copy" function add a header, footer page and page number.

system requirements

  • Windows : Windows 2003, XP, Vista or Windows 7 and 8 (including 64 version), 512MB memory, 1GB for Windows Vista/7. 1GHz x86 CPU, 60MB of available disk space;
  • Compatible with Citrix virtual desktop.

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