Enterprise data file synchronization backup software FileGee Backup & Sync System 9.8.3 Enterprise Edition registration / registration code

FileGee enterprise file synchronization backup system is a file backup and file synchronization leading global solutions provider, it has similar software can not match the advantages in function, efficiency, fault tolerance and stability etc.. It sets the backup, synchronization, recovery, encryption and compression in a body, can be realized between FTP and SkyDrive, LAN and local storage backup and synchronization. Stable and efficient, less resource characteristics, fully meet the needs of users. Do not need additional resources, we can have full automatic backup environment is powerful, efficient and stable for enterprises to build, is a high cost wise choice.


FileGee Personal Edition / FileGee Enterprise Edition

 FileGee file synchronization backup

The characteristics of the software

Enterprise is the preferred disaster backup solution -- the establishment of the system Data backup Scheme of data protection, prevent the misoperation, save the host or server paralysis. The disaster recovery system to build domestic security, intelligent and efficient.

 FileGee enterprise disaster backup 1, enterprise backup data backup scheme for the establishment of disaster prevention system, to deal with the enterprise all kinds of disaster.

 FileGee misoperating backup 2, anti misoperation data backup: easy to operate, the accidental deletion error modification, for data backup, do not worry about damage to data.

 To prevent data loss FileGee 3, to prevent data loss, data backup, the backup data can be protected from damage, protect the integrity of the data.

 FileGee security and stability 4, safe and stable, can be realized between FTP and LAN, SkyDrive and the specific machine memory backup and synchronization.

Function introduction

Redefine data backup software

Professional backup synchronization

LAN local storage, FTP, SkyDrive, shared directories, backup and synchronization between the 22, support storage medium rich: hard disk, USB memory, FTP space, specific SkyDrive (multi-user version not supported).

Intelligent setting plan

Incremental backup of intelligent recovery, although only the backup change file, but can restore the directory structure and file every time you complete. The database is locked file backup, can be read by other program exclusive open files.

Security operation

The task execution failure will automatically retry retry after the failure of automatic recording and at the next execution attempt, not missing any file. FTP upload and download support HTTP, Retry, ensure the successful transfer of files in the network unstable situation.

industry Solution

FilGee according to the characteristics of each business, to create personalized products and industry solutions, provide one-stop service for the user. Including electricity, audio and video, mobile APP, networking, O2O, financial, medical and other industries.

 FileGee industry solutions

Typical customers

 FileGee typical customer

Select the reason

You may encounter when the computer suffered a crash or power failure accidents may lead to important data, some do not have time to save lost, then it will mess up. However, if you use a data backup software, you can avoid this situation. FileGee data backup software in automatic backup file, a similar software can not match advantage.

1, FileGee has a variety of automatic backup mode, the user can according to need to set the backup time for computer often crashes, or often encounter power users, the best set the interval to avoid loss of backup files.

2, on the same computer, due to more mobility, afraid of accidentally caused the file is missing, you can choose the backup interval, then according to the actual situation of the "monthly", "weekly", "Daily" settings.

 FileGee set up automatic execution mode

become pregnant FileGee The software then there is no need to worry about data loss, not only saves time, but also improve work efficiency.

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