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 ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery is a distributed password cracking tool produced by a Russian security company. It can use Nvidia graphics card to increase the WPA and WPA2 wireless key cracking speed by 100 times, and the software allows thousands of computer networks to be distributed and calculated. This means that the rate of WPA key cracking has decreased from a few years to a few days or weeks.
The characteristics of ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery can be known from the name. It is a distributed password recovery tool, which enables N station computers to provide support for the same cracking task through the network (LAN and Internet). Recently, however, there is an interesting thing to accelerate through NVIDIA GPU.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery can also be used to retrieve the password of the document. It uses distributed processing mode to work on the local or local area network, remotely manage password recovery, install or uninstall the client agent, serve the server or client agent as a system service, and track someone's operation.

However, it does not support all file formats or applications (here is the file type or application that can be cracked by the software). At present, it is mainly aimed at Office 2007 files (Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007 and Project 2007), WPA/WPA2, Windows logon passwords (Windows), but the author promises to continue to add new support formats. For GPU, the software is also required for You can use GeForce 8-, 9-, 200-series with a minimum minimum, with, 200-series, or card.

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