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Flip PDF Professional patch

Flip PDF provides a simple and rapid method, can be converted to common PDF batch file available on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, mobile phone) to run on the amazing Flash and HTML5 publications, and has amazing page flip animation and sound. Imagine, if there is no programming work, just three steps to create a digital magazine similar to the actual paper books or pamphlets! Pointer can be created online and offline, you can publish it to Web, via email, burn it to CD / DVD or USB flash drive and distribute it to the device for exhibition or demonstration.

Flip PDF Professional + patch download link: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1rtFtKOg0YKqlHT6m-AFc3A

Nitro Pro patch

Nitro Pro is a PDF reader and editor, everything will be required to complete the PDF file. As the first choice of Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro provides you with the creation, conversion, editing, review and signature, all the tools needed for PDF protection.

Nitro Pro v12.4.0.259 Enterprise


Nitro Pro v12.4.0.259 Retail


Nitro Pro 12 patch:
Nitro Pro Retail Patch-HiMi & Enterprise Patch- @Soda120

Internet Download Manager 6.31 Build 5 patch

Internet Download Manager (IDM) is a method to improve the download speed of 5 times, and the recovery schedule to download tool. Recovery will be restarted due to loss of connectivity, comprehensive error recovery and Internet problem, and cause the computer to shut down or unexpected power interruption or download download.

Internet Download Manager 6.31 Build 5 official download links: Http://mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com/idman631build5.exe

Internet Download Manager patch:
Baidu SkyDrive. Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TkREyvGHorSLAbYnJsboVQ
The city of SkyDrive. Https://keygen.ctfile.com/fs/15808334-311216065

[Note: this patch applies to Internet Download Manager later versions]

Remote control TeamViewer v12.0.78716 Premium/Enterprise patch [2017/11/8 update]

TeamViewer is a remote control can be used in any firewall and NAT proxy background, desktop sharing and file transfer simple and fast solution. In order to connect to another computer, you can just TeamViewer to run simultaneously on two computers, without the need to install (you can also choose to install, after installation can be set up and running). The first start automatic generation partner ID on two computers. Just enter your partner's ID to TeamViewer, and then establish a connection immediately.

If you want to connect the control in the school or company own computer you back home, many people will think of the use of Windows remote desktop connection. In general, it is undoubtedly the best solution, but if you want to connect the computer in the network, the router (Router) or behind the firewall (computer internal IP), so you need to do some set of port mapping settings like the only way to connect to the router, and the network is unlikely to help you set the. When the TeamViewer is undoubtedly the best solution.

TeamViewer 9.0.78716 Premium/Enterprise patch:
Pipi disc. Https://keygen.pipipan.com/fs/15808334-227357622
Yandex Disk>>> Https://yadi.sk/d/T2cylR1G3PVteR

U disk antivirus expert USBKiller V3.2 patch / ri

USBKiller (U disk virus Zhuanshagongju) is a professional U disk virus Zhuanshagongju killing, it can detect the EXE folder virus, autorun virus, VBS virus, U disk folder is hidden and other 1200 kinds of virus U disk, U disk also provides immune tools, auto repair because the virus damage caused by system configuration and U disk file don't show. In addition to providing some other auxiliary functions such as U disk, U disk to unlock function, and process management.

Efficient killing: completely killing the virus, autorun.inf folder and VBS virus, EXE virus 1000 U disk virus;
U disk immunity: automatically detect and remove insert U disk virus, prevent computer virus infection by U;
Automatic recovery: after killing the virus can automatically repair U disk hidden files, settings and recovery system;
Unlock: U disk U disk lock release state, solve out "unable to stop the equipment" problem;
Process management: allows you to quickly identify and terminate the suspicious program in the system;
Support equipment: mobile hard disk, mobile phone memory card, MP3, MP4, U disk and other equipment;
Compatible software: U disk Zhuanshagongju compatible with other anti-virus software, can be used.


USBKiller (setup) / USBKiller ri (Code: dta2)

Mind mapping software XMind 8 Pro Professional Edition crack patch / serial number

XMind is the widespread use of mind mapping software, with user experience and simple operation, powerful function and excellent productivity and creativity is higher for 2 million users. The application of XMind Eclipse RCP software architecture is a set of global advanced, mind map and brainstorming in one of the "visual thinking" tool can be used to capture ideas, clear thinking, management of complex information and promote teamwork.


XMind 8 Pro / XMind 7 Pro Update 1 + (Windows and Linux) patch (Code: xhe7)

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Mind mapping software Mindjet MindManager 2019 19.0.304 patch

MindManager professional mind map tool, is the general standard of creation, management and exchange of ideas. The thought, strategy and business information into behavior map, feel the whole progress.

Mindjet MindManager 2019 19.0.304 setup:

32Bit>>> Http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2019/19_0_304/32Bit/Mindjet MindManager 2019.msi
64Bit>>> Http://dwnld.mindjet.com/stubs/Builds/MindManager2019/19_0_304/64Bit/Mindjet MindManager 2019.msi

MindManager 2019 19.0.x patch: Https://pan.baidu.com/s/1b_hTf8OoMRHMV34uP49XEg

MindManager 2018 Chinese crack version: Http://t.cn/EPu0DMv

DVD-Cloner 201411.20 Build 1304 patch

DVD-Cloner 2014 is a full function of the latest generation of DVD copy software. It is simple and easy to operate and the best technology, let you have a high quality DVD/ Blu ray copy.

DVD-Cloner 2014 to create a perfect quality DVD copy, regardless of disk copy or copies of the main title. The SCT technology innovation, so you can easily copy the latest DVD movie. In the custom copy mode, you can select the one you want to track and subtitle. It's intuitive and wizard style interface provides a convenient guide for beginners DVD copy.

DVD-Cloner 201411.20 Build 1304 patch:

Baidu cloud. Http://pan.baidu.com/s/1sjMzkLJ
Cloud > Http://url.cn/M8n7IY
MEGA> Https://mega.co.nz/#! ABpyzCoA! CxeIaGvcxD5QYEAvRZW2i5aBn27_WdG4PZCp1RBZVUQ

DVD-Cloner 2014 official download links:


 DVD-Cloner 2014

2014 page: http://www.dvd-cloner.com/cn/dvd-cloner.html DVD-Cloner

ISkysoft Video Editor 3.5.0 for Windows patch

ISkysoft Video Editor is a simple video editing tools, through a simple operation you need to edit the video to add a variety of filters, including cutting, rotating, narrate and other functions. Making a good video can easily share to Youtube.

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