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ProxyCap 5.20 patch

ProxyCap enables you to redirect your computer s network connections through proxy "servers. You can tell ProxyCap which applications will connect to the Internet through a proxy and under what circumstances. This is done through a user friendly interface, without the need to reconfigure any of your Internet clients. ProxyCap has native support for the SSH protocol, allowing you to specify a SSH server as the proxy server.

ProxyCap 5.20 patch download: ProxyCap Keymaker.7z (2228) (password: 135044.xyz)

Run the crack, after the installation of ProxyCap Patch: 32 Bit or 64 Bit, input Name, automatic generation of Serial
 2013-2-3 11-22-16
First select the Patch, there will be the following tips:
 2013-2-3 11-22-32
In the use of patch before must first end pcapsvc.exe and pcapui.exe process, otherwise it will fail
After determining the pcapui.exe installation directory is open
 2013-2-3 11-22-50
Patch success will prompt
 2013-2-3 11-24-53
And then restart the computer, right-click the taskbar icon in the ProxyCap program, Help-About ProxyCap-Enter Key
Serial generated input and patch in Name
 2013-2-3 11-28-33
Click Register to complete the registration
 2013-2-3 11-28-59

Recover Keys patch

Recover Keys (key recovery software) is a simple and comprehensive Windows application in the system or hard disk crash case, specifically for the protection of the activation key is installed on your local or remote computer software products.

Lost activation key very serious consequences, both time-consuming and costly. If this is the case, you have to contact every program developers, the new version even buy all software.

Now you can protect themselves and backup your key! Key recovery software can quickly analyze your system in the 3600+ variety of all kinds of software program, and generates a list of key software activation. You can then save, copy, print, or exported to (form Excel, Word documents, PDF files, HTML format, CSV format, XML format) license information. Because of the friendly interface, so many options, whether professionals or inexperienced users can freely use key recovery software.

Recover Keys patch download: Patch for Recover Keys v6. (733) (password: 135044.xyz)

1. Copy this patch to installation dir
2. Patch the target
3. Register with TPHR0ZEN-6082-7064-HELL ""
"S all - Enjoy That 4!

The installation directory in the Recover Keys patch, and then run the patch, click PATCH
 2013-1-7 18-52-24
After the completion of Recover, open Keys, enter the license key: TPHR0ZEN-6082-7064-HELL
 2013-1-7 18-59-01
The successful completion of the registration
 2013-1-7 18-59-58

The fast CyberArticle 5.5 patch

CyberArticle (fast net article) is a knowledge management software, mainly dedicated to the preservation and management of late ". CyberArticle (fast net article) main function is to collect and collate ". Using CyberArticle (fast net article), you can easily in a variety of browsers, such as IE and IE core browser, Firefox, Google Chrome, apple Safari, Opera browser, save you are browsing the web, or batch save you care ". At the same time, CyberArticle (fast net article) can also manage all kinds of information, such as Office (DOC, xls, PPT document), pictures, PDF, source code and so on. Save the data, you can manage, very convenient retrieval, sharing, e-books and so on. At the same time, you can also use the CyberArticle (fast net article) to write your diary, blog and so on. CyberArticle (fast net article) for individuals and enterprises, is very suitable for individuals and enterprises to establish their own knowledge database.

The fast CyberArticle 5.5 patch download: CyberArticle 5.5 (Patch.7z 1153) (password: 135044.xyz)

After CyberArticle is installed, run the crack and click PATCH


Loading file:
Loading file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\CyberArticle.exe
Filesize OK!
CRC32 check OK!
File patched!
Backup file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\CyberArticle.exe.BAK

Loading file:
Loading file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\EBookBuilder.exe
Filesize OK!
CRC32 check OK!
File patched!
Backup file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\EBookBuilder.exe.BAK

Loading file:
Loading file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\CyberArticleCommonUI.dll
Filesize OK!
CRC32 check OK!
File patched!
Backup file:
C:\Program Files\WizBrother\CyberArticle\CyberArticleCommonUI.dll.BAK

Loading file:
File not loaded
Nothing patched!


 2013-1-8 19-02-22
You can successfully complete the registration
 2013-1-8 19-07-44

Primo Ramdisk virtual hard disk memory software Ultimate Edition V5.6.0 patch

Primo Ramdisk VSuite is Ramdisk's second-generation products. Compared with VSuite Ramdisk, it has more features, better performance, and more user friendly interface. Primo Ramdisk and VSuite Ramdisk also provides an effective solution to the bottleneck problem of the traditional hard disk. It uses a unique software algorithms for efficient physical memory into the virtual physical hard disk, making the files on the hard disk read and write data into the data memory access. Because of the physical memory access is much faster than traditional hard disk, it can greatly improve the data read and write speed, hard to break through the bottleneck, the rapid increase of computer performance.

Primo Ramdisk has a series of powerful functions and options for maximum performance, and the software has extensive application. Primo Ramdisk can support the creation of 128 virtual hard disk, each virtual disk can be Windows system identification as a real physical hard disk or hard disk logic. Virtual disk can be formatted with the Windows file system support, and allows the user to customize the file system.

Because the memory has the characteristics of power data disappear, in some applications it can protect data security, prevent the important data in the hard disk physical residue. Primo Ramdisk also provides a powerful image file function, support the shutdown will automatically save the contents of the virtual hard disk to boot image file and the image file is loaded automatically from the content to the virtual hard disk and other functions, so that the contents of memory in the virtual hard disk when switching the computer can continue to exist. Primo Ramisk supports many advanced image features such as time saving, time saving, quick save and load delay, can better meet the various needs of users.

In addition, Primo Ramdisk provides the unique characteristics of memory management, more efficient use of physical memory. It supports dynamic memory management, can according to need to dynamically allocate or release memory, so as to better use of physical memory, to avoid meaningless long-term memory. Primo Ramdisk realized the memory management interface (UIMMI), can be used to identify unrecognized memory to create a virtual hard disk, thus indirectly support the use of more than 4GB of physical memory in a 32 bit operating system, avoid the waste of physical memory.

In addition to create a virtual hard disk memory, Primo Ramdisk can even create mixed virtual hard disk and virtual hard disk file, greatly extended the function and application software.

Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition V5.6.0 patch download: Primo Ramdisk Ultimate Edition 5.6.0 Patch.7z (1410) (password: 135044.xyz)

Step 1:Install the program
Step 2:Copy the patch to installation directory
Step 3:Apply the patch
Step 4:Reboot.
EnjoY It!!!

After the installation of Primo Ramdisk, the patch program is copied to the installation directory, and then click Patch to complete the registration.
 2013-1-8 14-38-41
About Primo Ramdisk
 2013-1-8 14-39-08

FlashFXP 5.4.0 build 3970 patch / ri

FlashFXP is easy to use, and provides many functions for users, including FTP SSL/TLS, FXP (site to site transmission support, SFTP (SSH) file transfer protocol), remote editing, multiple global automatic upload and each site proxy and firewall configuration, drag and drop, file transfer task scheduling.

FlashFXP 5.4.0 build 3970 official download chain: Http://alt-download.flashfxp.com/FlashFXP54_3970_Setup.exe

FlashFXP patch / ri:

The city of SkyDrive. Https://keygen.ctfile.com/fs/15808334-294425376
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[update: 2018-06-12]

CHM help documentation tools Softany WinCHM Pro 4.4 patch

WinCHM Pro is a very easy-to-use help authoring tool. It contains an internal page editor and an extremely easy-to-use TOC editor. Not needing to learn hard, you can be master of creating professional, good looking HTML help (CHM), Web help, PDF manual and Word documents.

Continue reading "CHM Softany WinCHM help documentation tools Pro 4.4 patch".

Adobe CS6 series software patch

Adobe CS6 series software including CS6, Fireworks Dreamweaver CS6, Flash CS6, Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Premiere Pro CS6, After Effects CS6, InDesign CS6 etc....

Adobe CS6 general patch download: Amtlib.dll.7z (2543) (password: 135044.xyz)

Only need to patch to cover the installation directory software.
The installation directory of Adobe series software in general are as follows (the "X" software installation selection letter):
Fireworks CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS6
Dreamweaver CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
Flash CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS6
Photoshop CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS6\Support Files\Contents\Windows
Premiere Pro CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
After Effects CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files
InDesign CS6:X:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS6

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced cracked version

Best product for optical media emulation. All DAEMON Tools features are now available in one solution DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced.

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced cracked version: Cloud

 DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced patch: Baidu SkyDrive | Cloud | MEGA | TusFiles

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced activation method:

The installation program, but do not run, then open the task manager, stop DTAgent.exe and DTShellHlp.exe process. If you do not have this process can skip.

Copy the dtpro.dat file to the following directory:
Windows 7 and Winodws 8 Directory: C:\ProgramData\DAEMON Tools Pro
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DAEMON Directory: Tools Pro

Copy the msimg32.dll file to the following directory:
Windows 7 and Winodws 8 Files\DAEMON Tools Pro Directory: C:\Program
Windows XP: C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools Pro directory

And then import the registry file ConnectionSettings.reg.

Open the DAEMON Tools Pro, will be prompted to find the activated DAEMON Tools Pro license
 2013-1-2 12-14-07
Direct activation of DAEMON is now on the Tools Pro Standard Edition

The software in the menu bar, help change the license - pay license, enter DAEMON Tools Pro license interface, serial number in the input box, just enter a few numbers, then the activation point
 2013-1-2 12-16-42
Hint: request server failed. Some try again later
 2013-1-2 12-17-04
Note: no license verification on our servers.
 2013-1-2 12-18-06
Close, has now successfully activated DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced Edition
 2013-1-2 12-32-45

DAEMON Tools Pro Advanced http://www.daemon-tools.cc/ home page: 5

Serv-U patch

Serv-U FTP Server - Secure File Transfer Software

Serv-U FTP server for Windows and Linux supports SFTP (SSH), secure FTP (FTPS), web transfers, and remote admin. Access files from anywhere via mobile devices, and avoid data at rest in the DMZ with our MFT gateway.

Serv-U patch download: Purple Line - Ver. (5193) (password: 135044.xyz)

After installing Serv-U, first stop Serv-U, and then run the patch. You can enter Name and Mail, select key, and click Apply
 2013-1-1 20-18-56
Start Serv-U, see the license information
 2013-1-1 20-20-46
Program information
 2013-1-1 20-24-16