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AthTek IP-MAC Scanner 2.0.5 registration code

IP - MAC Scanner is quite smart program for both business and business, the first, the second, the third, the third, the second, the right, the right.

AthTek IP-MAC Scanner is a powerful IP tool. Its user interface is very friendly, and it is also very simple to use. Even if users do not have any network knowledge, they can easily use the tool to have a clear management of the operation of the entire network.

The software includes three components: IP Scanner, MAC Scanner, and Ping Tester. Through these three components, you can easily manage the local network. IP Scanner can display all the computers and devices (such as routers) connected to the LAN, and you can also select the IP scope for accurate scanning. MAC Scanner allows you to scan the MAC addresses of all devices connected to the LAN. The software can also display the host name and workgroup name, which will facilitate you to manage the LAN. The software also allows you to analyze the computer that has been scanned to see if there is an unrecorded computer in it. In addition, the administrator can also set up automatic scanning, which may be more convenient.

AthTek IP-MAC Scanner 2.0.5 registration code:

User Name:Malik Ahsan
Registration code:2323E-5G4E7-PGHB8-FC29B-N9C1L

Run IP-MAC Scanner, enter the above username and registration code at the registration interface.
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Click Register to complete registration.
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