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Slide unlock can make money App - spend App (China's first Unlock Reward App)

Here we recommend a free Android application, which can make money by sliding and unlocking App. After testing, we can successfully withdraw cash.

Spend app, the first return to unlock app! App can be made by sliding and unlocking. At least 30 yuan a month, can be withdrawals to the bank card Alipay, telephone recharge and shopping.

Spending app (ColorMoney) is a free application developed by Shanghai flower mobile media. Now it supports Android operating system. After installing app, users will get a brand new mobile phone lock screen background map, which contains all kinds of interesting and beautiful wallpaper pictures, and also contains beautiful and creative advertising images recommended by users. The user's unlocking process will get unequal cash and accumulate in app, and the accumulated cash can also be cash in app or purchase prepaid cards, vouchers, movie vouchers and other commodities.

Spending /ColorMoney is a free Android application. We can define it as a personalized lock screen software, or we can define it as a return application. After the installation of app, users will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map. Users can shake the phone to change the lock screen pictures without unlocking. These pictures contain all kinds of interesting and beautiful wallpaper pictures, and also contain beautiful and creative advertising pictures recommended by users. Because of the existence of advertising pictures, the user will get unequal cash in the process of unlocking. The cash will be accumulated in the cost of app, and the accumulated cash can also be purchased or repurchased in app, such as recharge card, voucher, movie ticket and so on.

Spend App (Color Money): Http://

Spend money on app usage process:
1, Download app installation and registration. Note that each mobile phone can only register one account. Please remember your account number and password.
2, after entering the home page can see cumulative income and other information, you can first read [viewing revenue usage] to get a basic understanding of app.
3, set the interface to ensure that the interface is enabled and the notification bar reminder is enabled. You can try the unlock function.

Note: Please fill in the recommended code in the App registration interface: y67b6va

You can see the beautiful interface of APP unlocking the screen, the amount of cash in the unlocked bar, the right slide into the main interface of the mobile phone and the cash back.
4, APP home page use [recommended to friends] function can share money app through micro-blog WeChat and other channels, each share will give you back now, single music is not as good as music, make money together.
5, APP home page uses [view of the converted commodities] function to view items purchased in shopping mall, cash status, recharge status, and electronic coupon's password are here.
6, APP advertising center, you can get rich returns by watching the participation. Each time you can return it up to several yuan, sharing advertisements can not only share good advertisements with your friends, but also get cash back.
7, APP shopping mall, you can use your cash return to enjoy the pleasure of digitally becoming real gold and silver. At the same time, the official physical goods are all consumed by O2O consumption mode, and can be supplied to you for electronic code.
8, APP settings can choose the function of quick start bar, and select 4 common functions in the application settings, then go back to the unlock interface to see your unlock key and click quickly to start these functions.