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Anvisoft Anvi Ultimate Defrag Pro Multilanguage+ patch

Anvi Ultimate Defrag is a safe, quick and efficient tool for users to improve their computer performance by analyzing fragmented files cleaning system, junk files, repairing bad disk sectors and defragging hard drives. Anvi Ultimate Defrag is a brand-new utility that allows you to defrag multiple drives simultaneously as well as defrag removable drives such as mobile disk and USB drive.

Anvi Ultimate Defrag is a versatile disk defragmentation tool. Its interface is simple and easy to use. Check and repair disk errors, convenient to defragment your hard disk and disk optimization; clean up junk files, to make more disk space; to defragment the hard disk volume, the integration on the hard disk files and folders, maintenance and optimization of disk performance optimization of disk. Reading speed to get the best file; custom disk defragmentation mode, with normal mode, family model, business model, entertainment mode.

Anvisoft Anvi Ultimate Defrag Pro Multilanguage+ patch: Baidu SkyDrive | MEGA

Anvisoft Anvi Ultimate Defrag official website: http://www.anvisoft.com/ultimate-defrag.html