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Anthemion DialogBlocks 5.03 registration code

Anthemion DialogBlocks is a sizer-based resource editor that quickly gets you, quickly, resource,

Anthemion DialogBlocks is a resource editor based on sizer technology. It allows you to create a dialog box, wizard and framework with professional display on Windows, Linux, Mac and any platform supporting wxWidgets (original wxWindows).

Anthemion DialogBlocks 5.03 registration code:

Registration key:2E9D5408-18D8E508-55554042

Registration key:08B3B8DE-719CEB84-1CD66C68

Run Anthemion DialogBlocks 5.03, enter user name and registration code at the registration interface.
 2013-3-13 18-10-44
Complete registration, About DialogBlocks
 2013-3-13 18-11-18