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Play guest cloud chain guest pocket International Edition (support transfer) OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk

The play cloud link chain pocket is used to generate and manage chain account address, generate and manage private key, receive and send chain gram tools.

OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk download link: Https://

Love fonts (omnipotent font expert) 3.9.5 + donation version 1.4 (APK) for Android

Love font is a brand new mobile font beautification software master, integrating hundreds of beautiful and lovely Chinese and English fonts, the latest and the most complete English and simplified fonts. Simply change the font, simply change the mood! The font changes with the heart, individuality I dominate! Let the monotonous mobile phone interface refresh, you can not copy my personality! Let you have a happy mood every day, love life, love fonts.

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Automatic operation management Autorun Manager 4.2.91 + Autorun Manager PRO 2.0.1 (APK) for Android

Autorun Manager is a pretty good startup manager. Its startup type is very detailed, software is also open quickly, and it can prohibit system progress. It will help to speed up startup.

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Titanium backup Titanium Backup + Titanium Backup PRO Key 1.2.3 (APK) for Android

Titanium backup (Titanium Backup) is currently the most powerful program and system backup tool, requiring ROOT permissions to run. The characteristics of titanium imply the characteristics of this backup tool: powerful compress backup performance, make backup product small but firm and powerful.

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Google Play Store v4.5.10 Patched + Google Play Installer v1.1.2 Patched LVL Patched

The cracked version of Play Google Play Installer is a cracked Play store installation tool developed by the ChelpuS God (the author of the lucky cracking device). The tool can run directly through the Google Play store that has cracked the authorization verification, and will run the application that needs to verify the authorization of the Play store.

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Cloud boat browser Boat Browser Pro License Key 1 - Android (APK File)

Boat Browser is a powerful and creative mobile browser, which takes, browser, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, the world is facing the world.

Cloud boat browser is a fast and powerful mobile browser, which will bring you the best Internet experience in Android system. Cloud boat browser is an enhanced version of Boat Browser Mini, which has more powerful functions. It is the mainstream browser that first supports voice commands. Cloud boat browser is the first to support Baidu SkyDrive's cooperative application, through SkyDrive backup and restore bookmarks.
Its main characteristics include:
Multi label and single label switching functions to meet users' different needs for screen space.
Powerful bookmark manager, which supports creating folders, dragging, deleting, importing and exporting bookmarks, and synchronizing native browser bookmarks.
Speed dial home page
Address bar smart prompt
Voice command support
Customizable toolbar

Other important features include:
The UI interface is simple, clean and easy to use.
Fast start, fast loading and rendering pages.
- User Agent settings
Multi function volume key button settings, can be used to switch, scroll up pages or up and down pages.
Support multi Tab label operation in Gallary
Support multi touch
Supports full screen options.
Easy to add bookmarks.
Animation effects during operation
Support zoom in button hide settings
Support download manager
Super convenient copy and paste function
Support App to SD function
Support Cache to SD function

Cloud boat browser supports Flash (Android2.2 version above), but for speed, the default setting is to close the plug-in, you need to manually click play Flash, or set up the "enable plug-in" set to open all the time.

 Boat Browser

Boat Browser 6.1 (Google Play): Https://
Boat Browser Pro License Key 1 (Baidu SkyDrive): Http://

 Boat Browser Pro Features

Boat Browser Pro License Key is used to unlock Pro features features unlock... It has many Pro features:
1. Removes the banner Ads in the bookmark, history and speed dial and
2. Supports the ability to delete ALL speed dial icons, including the including
3. Supports folders for speed dial icons.
4. Firefox bookmark sync support (Boat Browser version 6 and above).
5. More advanced Pro features will be added.

The Pro License Key is an APK file, which should be, which, is,
!!!!! Please! DO NOT uninstall the license key APK, if you do, the you
Boat Browser is a fast, smart and cool mobile browser.
If you 're looking for a fast and powerful Android web web,
Boat Browser will bring you an amazing and Premium Web experience., premium, the first and the second, and the other two are the following.
Check for more via
If you have any problem about it, please feel free to free
Our Email:
Twitter - Http://
Facebook - Http://
Website - Http://

Cloud boat browser Professional Edition license key is used to unlock cloud boat browser Pro function, it has many professional functions:

1. delete bookmarks, banner ads for history and speed dial management pages.

2. supports the ability to delete all speed dial icons, including preset icons.

3. folder supporting fast dialing icon.

4. Firefox bookmark synchronization support (ship browser 6 version and above).

5. more advanced Pro functions will be added.

The professional license key is a APK file that should be installed. After installation, it works when you start the ship browser.

! Please do not uninstall the license key APK file. If you do so, it may not work properly.

Cloud boat browser is a fast, intelligent and cool mobile browser.

If you are looking for a fast and powerful Andr oid web browser, this is the best choice.

Cloud boat browser will bring you an amazing and high-quality network experience. It is completely customizable, and you can easily change the location of the button. As long as you like it, you can install your favorite add-on to make your browser more powerful.

Slide unlock can make money App - spend App (China's first Unlock Reward App)

Here we recommend a free Android application, which can make money by sliding and unlocking App. After testing, we can successfully withdraw cash.

Spend app, the first return to unlock app! App can be made by sliding and unlocking. At least 30 yuan a month, can be withdrawals to the bank card Alipay, telephone recharge and shopping.

Spending app (ColorMoney) is a free application developed by Shanghai flower mobile media. Now it supports Android operating system. After installing app, users will get a brand new mobile phone lock screen background map, which contains all kinds of interesting and beautiful wallpaper pictures, and also contains beautiful and creative advertising images recommended by users. The user's unlocking process will get unequal cash and accumulate in app, and the accumulated cash can also be cash in app or purchase prepaid cards, vouchers, movie vouchers and other commodities.

Spending /ColorMoney is a free Android application. We can define it as a personalized lock screen software, or we can define it as a return application. After the installation of app, users will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map. Users can shake the phone to change the lock screen pictures without unlocking. These pictures contain all kinds of interesting and beautiful wallpaper pictures, and also contain beautiful and creative advertising pictures recommended by users. Because of the existence of advertising pictures, the user will get unequal cash in the process of unlocking. The cash will be accumulated in the cost of app, and the accumulated cash can also be purchased or repurchased in app, such as recharge card, voucher, movie ticket and so on.

Spend App (Color Money): Http://

Spend money on app usage process:
1, Download app installation and registration. Note that each mobile phone can only register one account. Please remember your account number and password.
2, after entering the home page can see cumulative income and other information, you can first read [viewing revenue usage] to get a basic understanding of app.
3, set the interface to ensure that the interface is enabled and the notification bar reminder is enabled. You can try the unlock function.

Note: Please fill in the recommended code in the App registration interface: y67b6va

You can see the beautiful interface of APP unlocking the screen, the amount of cash in the unlocked bar, the right slide into the main interface of the mobile phone and the cash back.
4, APP home page use [recommended to friends] function can share money app through micro-blog WeChat and other channels, each share will give you back now, single music is not as good as music, make money together.
5, APP home page uses [view of the converted commodities] function to view items purchased in shopping mall, cash status, recharge status, and electronic coupon's password are here.
6, APP advertising center, you can get rich returns by watching the participation. Each time you can return it up to several yuan, sharing advertisements can not only share good advertisements with your friends, but also get cash back.
7, APP shopping mall, you can use your cash return to enjoy the pleasure of digitally becoming real gold and silver. At the same time, the official physical goods are all consumed by O2O consumption mode, and can be supplied to you for electronic code.
8, APP settings can choose the function of quick start bar, and select 4 common functions in the application settings, then go back to the unlock interface to see your unlock key and click quickly to start these functions.

SD maid Professional Edition - Unlock v2.1.1.1 (SD Maid Pro - Unlocker v2.1.1.1 APK)

SD Maid is a tool to remove temporary files in SD cards, such as system logs, debug files, which allows SD cards to be cleaner and require root privileges. If someone pays attention to the files in SD card, it will find that after a period of time, there will be some puzzling catalogues in the SD card. These are temporary files, which take a long time and occupy a lot of space. This SD card remover SD Maid is helping the big family solve this problem. It is a highly practical tool.

SD maid SD Maid Pro will help you clean up and clean Android equipment in a perfect way.

Browser is a fully developed file manager that manages to browse your Android folder.
Searchers can be used to play / delete or rename files (search files internally, support wildcards).
Search redundancy can search the empty folder directory of your device and compare the list of installed applications.
Application control can freeze, reset, and delete applications (or even system applications).
The "cleaning system" can clean up the known unnecessary catalogues in the device.
The "optimized database" detects the database (System/Apps), and compresses and compresses the database to speed up access and to free up more available space.

SD maid v2.1.3.8 (Google Play): Https:// Id=eu.thedarken.sdm
SD maid Professional Edition - Unlock v2.1.1.1 (Baidu SkyDrive): Http://

 SD Maid v2.1.3.8

SD maid Pro Edition - Unlock instructions
This application requires you to install "SD maid system cleaning tool" software in advance.
This "unlock device" itself is invisible and cannot be activated. You only need to install it.
Its role is to free the free version to upgrade to a dedicated version, allowing you to use additional advanced functions.
If it is not functioning properly, try clicking the exit button to close the SD maid and reopen it.
In any case, you can send an e-mail to me, and I will help you.
This program is best installed in the Android device that has been ROOT!
Without ROOT equipment, the function of SD maid is limited.
SD maid is a powerful tool.
But using it has relative risks.
Gold is not perfect, and so is Android.
The residual data that your deleted applications sometimes leave behind.
Android systems will also create logs, crash reports and regular users without debugging files.
After you use the Google application market to download the application, it generates temporary files (like browsers visit websites).
Let's get rid of these useless rubbish...
Why not use "SD maid" for a full cleaning? SD maid will help you clean up and clean Android equipment (^ ^) in a perfect way.

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1) Life License (authorization key file)

Dr.Web for Android is a reliable anti-virus formula specially designed for users of the new generation of smart phones. The software supports Google Android 1.6 / 2.x / 3.x / 4, protects devices against information security threats, and helps users choose the appropriate protection level with simple interface and operation settings.

major function

Real time monitoring of Eucalyptus system (testing storage files, installation programs, etc.).
The most advanced malware detection technology, Origins TracingTM for Android, can recognize recompiled viruses and variants.
Scan the whole system or user specified file eucalyptus and folder.
Scan the contents of the compressed file.
Scan the files stored in the memory card.
Remove or isolate infected Eucalyptus.
Update Dr.Web virus database via Internet.
We found the statistical reports of virus invasion, processing methods, program logs and so on.

Continuous real-time monitoring
Real time monitoring is handled by the SpIDer Guard component, but the installation preset is disabled. Users can set up Dr.Web for Android to automatically execute SpIDer Guard components after the operation of the system, so as to monitor all the modified or stored eucalyptus, including those received through GPRS/HSDPA/ infrared / Bluetooth /Wi-Fi/USB connection.

Flexible scan options
The user can perform the scanning program as required, including fully scanning all the files, or selecting the designated Eucalyptus or folder. The full scan will detect all the Eucalyptus files in the mobile device, including memory cards and all information in the archive. The self setting scan allows the user to select the target that needs to be detected. If the scanner is finished, if any virus is found to be infected, users can decide how to handle it: skip, delete, or move Eucalyptus to the isolation folder. Scan programs provide options to allow you to choose whether to check memory cards.

False short message filtering
Users can reduce the reception of unknown calls by filtering lists and avoid falling into telephone scams. Call and short message filtering function provides automatic mode, or manually set black and white list. Users can also automatically set up the telephone directory as a white list and set up an anonymous caller.

Anti theft function
The burglar function helps you find more missing or stolen devices and removes all personal data remotely. Users can send special SMS commands through the specified phone numbers to manage the burglar function of mobile phones, such as locking, unlocking, deleting data, etc., and can track the location of mobile GPS.

Cloud Checker address filtering
Cloud Checker helps smartphone users filter bad Web information when using preset browsers. Users can set up all websites that are not recommended and potentially threatened, or choose to filter the specified categories, such as:

Known sources of infection
Pornographic content
Drug content
Violence content
Obscene content
Content of terrorism

To update
Dr.Web for Android can update virus database in the following ways:

Use GPRS/HSDPA connection and download it in HTTP mode.
Transmit by infrared / Bluetooth /Wi-Fi/USB data line.
The user can choose to execute the update manually or set up automatic update once a day.

How to install:
Download and copy the installation files to smart phones, or use mobile phones to enter to download the installation files directly.
After the download is complete, execute and start the installation program.

Forget password:
When the Dr.Web anti-theft function is enabled, an e-mail address must be registered in the Doctor Web server. If the user has forgotten the password of the Dr.Web anti-theft function, he can get the temporary unlock password through this e-mail address.

How to uninstall:
Enter "Settings" > "security" - > select device manager > > Dr.Web anti-virus > > stop.
Then, enter the password that was set before the anti-theft function was enabled.
When the Dr.Web anti-virus device manager is disabled, it can be unloaded like a common software.

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1) Life License: Baidu SkyDrive A kind of MEGA

Install Dr.Web Anti-virus and put drweb32.key (key file) in Android/data/com.drweb/files/ file of SD Card.
Open Dr.Web, select the "existing authorization" - "load from file" in the Dr.Web - authorization interface.

 Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1)

Dr.Web for Android official website: Http://
Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android official download link: Http://