Directory file: Android

Play off the cloud off pocket International Version (support chain transfer) OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk

Play off cloud chain jacket pocket is used to generate and manage account address, chain g generation and management of private key, sending and receiving chain g tool, play off cloud mining obtained can be extracted into the chain chain g g pocket.

OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk download link: Https://

Love (Almighty font expert) 3.9.5 + 1.4 (APK) for donation version Android

Love is a new mobile phone font landscaping software master, integrated hundreds of beautiful and lovely in the English font, font, font English the latest and most complete. Easy to change the font, simply change the mood! Font heart change, dominate my personality! Let the monotony of the mobile phone interface you can take on an altogether new aspect of my personality, plagiarism! Let your love life in every day has a happy mood, and love.

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The automatic management of Autorun + Autorun Manager 4.2.91 Manager PRO 2.0.1 (APK) for Android

Autorun Manager is a good startup manager, its startup type is very detailed, open software is also very fast, and can inhibit the system process, to speed up the boot has very big help.

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Titanium Backup titanium backup + Titanium Backup PRO Key 1.2.3 (APK) for Android

Titanium backup (Titanium Backup) is the most powerful tool for program and system backup, for permission to run ROOT. The characteristics of Ti implies that the characteristics of the backup tool: a powerful compression backup, the backup product capacity is small but strong and powerful.

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Google Play Store v4.5.10 Patched Google Play Installer v1.1.2 Patched LVL + by ChelpuS

Cracked version of the Play installer (Google Play store Installer ChelpuS) is God (lucky cracker author) development of the cracked version of the Play store installation tools, this tool can break through the installation has been authorized and authenticated to run directly to the Google Play store application to connect the Play store authentication authorization.

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Boat Browser Pro License boat browser Key 1 - Android (APK File)

Boat Browser is a powerful and creative mobile browser, which takes you to surf the world with great experience. It is suitable for smart phones, tablets and it will support many kinds of add-ons and themes. Boat Browser is highly customizable and it could be your unique browser. Currently, Android version of Boat Browser is available in Android Marketplace with 4.5/5.0 customer rating.

Boat browser is a fast and powerful mobile phone browser, it will bring you the best Internet experience in Android system. Boat browser is Unshu Mini browser (Boat Browser Mini) enhanced version, with more powerful functions, it is the mainstream browser first to support voice commands. Boat browser is the first to support Baidu SkyDrive cooperation application, available through SkyDrive backup and restore bookmarks.
Its main characteristics include:
- multi label and single label switching function, to meet the different needs of users of screen space.
Bookmark Manager - strong support, create a folder, drag, delete, import and export bookmarks, and browser bookmark synchronization
- fast dial home
Tips - Smart address bar
- support voice commands
- customizable toolbar

Other important features include:
UI interface is simple, clean and easy to use
- quick start, fast loading and rendering "
User - Agent set
Multi - function of the volume button settings can be used to switch, or "rolling up and down
- support in Gallary Tab tag operation
- support multi touch
- support full screen options
- can easily add bookmarks
- operation animation
- support zoom button is hidden
- support the download manager
- super easy to copy and paste function
App to SD - support function
Cache to SD - support function

Boat browser support Flash (Android2.2 version), but in order to speed, the default setting is off, you need to manually click to play Flash, or in the setting of the "set to open" plug-in enabled.

 Boat Browser

Boat Browser 6.1 (Google Play): Https://
Boat Browser Pro License Key 1 (Baidu, SkyDrive): Http://

 Boat Browser Pro Features

Boat Browser Pro License Key is used to unlock Pro features in Boat Browser... It has many Pro features:
1. Removes the banner Ads in the bookmark, history and speed dial management pages.
2. Supports the ability to delete ALL speed dial icons, including the preset icons.
3. Supports folders for speed dial icons.
4. Firefox bookmark sync support (Boat Browser version 6 and above).
5. More advanced Pro features will be added.

The Pro License Key is an APK file, which should be download and installed. After it is installed, it works when you launch Boat Browser.
!!! Please DO NOT uninstall the license key APK, if you do, it may not work.
Boat Browser is a fast, smart and cool mobile browser.
If you re looking for a fast "and powerful Android web browser, this is the best choice.
Boat Browser will bring you an amazing and Premium Web experience. It is fully customizable, you can easily change the button locations as you like, and you can install your favorite add-ons to make your browser even more powerful. With Boat Browser there is no limit to the way you can surf the Net. Ride free with Boat browser, your unlimited key to unlimited information.
Check for more via
If you have any problem about it, please feel free to let us know.
Our Email:
- Twitter Http://
- Facebook Http://
- Website Http://

Boat browser Professional Edition license key is used to unlock the boat browser Pro function, it has many professional features:

1. delete bookmarks, history and speed dial management page banner ads.

2. support can delete all speeddial icons, including preset icon.

3. speed dial icon to the folder.

4. Firefox bookmark synchronization support (boat browser version 6 and above).

5. more advanced Pro features will be added.

The professional version of the license key is a APK file, should be installed. After installation, the working principle of the ship when you start the browser.

! License key APK file please do not uninstall, if you do, it may not work properly.

Boat browser is a fast, smart and cool mobile browser.

If you are looking for a fast and powerful Andr Torgovnik oid web browser, this is the best choice.

Boat browser will bring a surprising and excellent network experience for you. It is completely customizable, you can easily change the position of the button, as long as you love, you can install your love let your browser add more powerful.

Slide to unlock App money can make money - App (Chinese first Unlock Reward App)

A free Android application of this recommendation will be able to make money, slide to unlock App. After the test, can really successful withdrawal.

To app, the first type is now back to unlock app! Slide to unlock boot will be able to make money for mobile phone app. At least $30 per month, you can withdraw cash to bank cards, prepaid recharge and Alipay shopping etc..

Spend app (ColorMoney English) by the Shanghai flower dynamic media development of a free application, now support the Android operating system. Install the app money, the user will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map, wallpaper images which contains a variety of interesting and beautiful, also contains the application recommended for advertising picture user's aesthetic, creative. The user will unlock process ranging from cash, and accumulated in the app, the accumulation of cash can also withdraw cash or buy prepaid cards, vouchers, coupons and other goods in the app film.

Money /ColorMoney is a free Android application. We can define it as a personalized lock screen software, can also be defined as the return to the present application. Install the app money, the user will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map, users shake mobile phone can replace the lock screen picture in the unlocked state, wallpaper type contains a variety of interesting and beautiful images of these pictures, also contains the application recommended for advertising picture user's aesthetic, creative. Because the advertising images exist, the user will get unlock process ranging from cash, the cash accumulation in money app, the accumulation of cash can also withdraw cash or buy prepaid cards, vouchers, coupons and other goods in the app film.

Spend App (Color Money): Http://

The use of APP money flow:
1, download the app installed and registered, pay attention to every mobile phone can only register an account, please remember your account number and password
2, after entering the home can see the cumulative income information, you can view the first reading [use] to obtain a basic understanding of income APP
3, set the interface [enabled] and ensure the unlock interface [enabled] reminder notification bar open, you can try to unlock

Note: please pay in the App registration interface, fill in the recommended Code: y67b6va

Open the screen can see app with beautiful unlock interface, unlock bar respectively about the amount of cash back, right slide into the mobile phone main interface and was back now; left slip can picture the corresponding web page or call and got back now
4, APP home use [recommend to friends] function through micro-blog WeChat all channels share money app, each share will give you back now, not only happy people happy, make money together.
Article 5, APP home use [see exchanging commodity] function to view the purchase in the shopping mall, present state, recharge state, electronic ticket password here.
6, APP advertising center you can view in the lucrative return now, each return now may be as high as the number of yuan; on advertising share, not only can share good advertising with friends, can also get back now
7 app shopping mall, you can use your cash back into real money income to enjoy digital pleasure; while physical goods used in all official configuration O2O consumption patterns, to provide you with the electronic code can either store in exchange for
8, APP set can be selected in the Quick Launch bar function and select 4 commonly used functions in the application settings, go back to see your unlock unlock interface, click after can quick start these functions.

SD professional edition release - Maid (SD v2.1.1.1 Maid Pro - Unlocker v2.1.1.1 APK)

SD Maid is a used to remove temporary files in the SD card tools, such as the system log file debug, SD card can make more clean, need root permissions. If people pay attention to the SD card in the words of the document will be found after a period of time, some feel rather baffling directory in the SD card, these are some temporary files, for a long time, the space will be very impressive, the SD card removal tool SD Maid is to help a to solve the problem. It is a practical tool for high.

SD SD Maid Pro will be maid with the perfect way to help you to tidy and clean equipment android.

"Browser" is a full-fledged file manager, use it to browse your Android folder management.
"Search" can be used to call / delete or rename files (search files, support wildcards).
The "empty folder you can search the directory to find redundant equipment, and compared to those of installed applications list.
Application of "control" can freeze, reset and delete the application (or application system).
"Unnecessary directory cleanup system" can be known in cleaning equipment.
The optimization of database testing database ((System/Apps), and can be sorted compressed database, to speed up the access, and make more space available.

SD v2.1.3.8 (Google Play): Https:// id=eu.thedarken.sdm?
SD professional edition release v2.1.1.1 - Maid (Baidu SkyDrive): Http://

 SD Maid v2.1.3.8

SD Professional Edition - Maid release description
This application requires you to install "SD maid - system cleaning tool software in advance!
This "release" itself is not visible and can not start, you only need to install.
It is the role of the free upgrade to unlock special edition, you can use additional premium features.
If it is not normal operation, please try to click "exit" button to shut off the SD maid, then turn it back.
In any case, you can email me, I will help you.
This program has been installed in the best ROOT Android equipment!
No ROOT device, SD maid function is restricted.
SD is a powerful tool.
But it has a relative risk!
None is perfect people are not perfect, so it is Android.
The residual data by the application you delete sometimes left.
The Android system will not use the debug file constantly create log, crash reports and ordinary users.
After you use the "Google application market to download the application, it will generate temporary files (like the browser to access the site.).
Let's fix these useless junk......
Why not use "a comprehensive clean SD maid"? SD will be the perfect way to the maid to help you to tidy and clean equipment (Android ^)!

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1) Life License (license key file)

Dr.Web for Android is designed for a new generation of intelligent mobile phone users reliable antivirus program. Software support Google Android 1.6 / 2.x / 3.x / 4, to protect the device against information security threats, set to interface and simple operation, to assist the user to select the appropriate level of protection.

major function

The real-time monitoring system (file file storage detection setup, etc.).
The most advanced malware detection technology, Origins TracingTM for Android to identify the virus variants and recompile.
Scanning the whole system or user specified file and folder.
Scan compressed file content.
Scanning is stored in the memory card file.
Delete or quarantine infected file.
The Internet Dr.Web virus database update.
The discovery of the virus invasion, processing method, program log statistics report.

Continuous real-time monitoring
Real time monitoring is handled by the SpIDer component of Guard, but the installation of presupposition is disabled. The user can set the Dr.Web for Android automatically executes a SpIDer component in Guard after the start of the operating system, to monitor all the changed or stored file, including the GPRS/HSDPA/ infrared / Bluetooth /Wi-Fi/USB link the received file.

Flexible scan options
Users may need to perform scanning procedures, including full scan all file, or choose the specified file or folder. Full scan file for all mobile devices in the detection, including memory card and seal all data archive in eucalyptus. While self scanning allows the user to select the required test target. The scanning procedure is completed, any file infected by the virus, the user can be decided how to deal with, delete, or skip: file will be moved to the "isolation" folder. Scanning program provides options, choose whether to allow detection of memory card.

False SMS filtering
The user can use the filter down the list of unknown receiving calls, to avoid falling into the telephone scam. Call and SMS filtering function to provide automatic or manual mode, set the black list. The user can also be the phone book is automatically set to a white list, and set unknown calls of eucalyptus.

Anti-theft function
The anti-theft function to help you find the device more easily lost or stolen and remote delete all personal data. The anti-theft function users can manage mobile phone through the mobile phone number to send the specified special SMS instructions, such as lock machine, unlock, delete data, more can track the position of GPS mobile phone.

Cloud Checker filter
Cloud Checker intelligent mobile phone users to assist in the use of network information filtering bad default browser. Users can set their own barrier all suggestions and potentially dangerous sites, or choose a specified category such as filtering:

The known sources of infection
Pornographic content
Drug content
Obscene content
The content of terrorism

To update
Dr.Web for Android may carry virus database update:

Use the GPRS/HSDPA connection and HTTP way to download
In order to transmit infrared / Bluetooth /Wi-Fi/USB data line etc.
The user can choose to perform updates manually, or set a daily automatic updates.

How to install:
The installation file download and copy to the intelligent mobile phone, or using a mobile phone to enter the download file.
After the download is complete, execute and start the installation program.

Forget the password:
Dr.Web enabled the anti-theft function, must register an e-mail address in the Doctor Web server. If the user forgets the password Dr.Web anti-theft function, can be through this email address for temporary unlock password.

How to uninstall:
Enter the "set", "security", select "device manager" - > "Dr.Web anti-virus" - > "disable".
Then, before setting the input enable the password anti-theft function.
When the Dr.Web anti-virus device manager can be disabled, like general software like uninstall.

Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1) Life License: Baidu SkyDrive | MEGA

The installation of Dr.Web Anti-virus, the drweb32.key (key files) into the SD Card file Android/data/com.drweb/files/.
Open the Dr.Web authorization interface in Dr.Web - select "existing authorization" - "loaded from a file".

 Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android 8.00.4 (1)

Dr.Web for Android official website: Http://
Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android official download links: Http://