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Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius 2.1.0 registration code

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Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius is a iTunes auxiliary tool, which can decompose pictures, memos, call records, SMS, contacts, Safari bookmarks and other data from iTunes backup, and is compatible with all iOS devices.

IOS users all know that iTunes Backup this thing, it preserves all settings and user data on iOS device, and can restore all data to iOS devices directly from iTunes backup when the firmware or new device is replaced. For example: for example, you deleted a contact or a picture on the iPhone, if you restore the last iTunes backup to iOS device, it is too much time and too much time, and using Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius is much simpler. It can decompose contacts or pictures from iTunes backup, and do not need to restore the system once again.

Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius 2.1.0 registration code:


Run Aiseesoft iTunes Backup Genius, enter the user name and registration code in the registration interface, click Register
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