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Aha-Soft AhaView 4.42 register machine

AhaView is a handy picture viewer and converter. It allows you you, picture,

AhaView is a simple photo browser and converter. A tree like catalog with similar resource management can display all the pictures in the catalog, and can also view single images in full screen mode. With this, you can browse, view, manage and transform your digital images.

Aha-Soft AhaView 4.42 registration machine downloads: Aha-Soft AhaView v4.xx Keygen.7z (427) (decompression password:

Run the registration machine and click Generate to generate Key.
 2013-3-15 11-52-37
Open the AhaView, enter the user name, Email, and the Key generated by the registration machine in the program registration interface, click "OK".
 2013-3-15 11-53-59
Complete registration, About Aha-Soft AhaView
 2013-3-15 11-54-11