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Aha-Soft AhaView 4.42 registered machine

AhaView is a handy picture viewer and converter. It allows you to browse, view organize, and convert your digital images.

AhaView is a simple image viewer and converter. A tree similar to the classification of resource management, can display the thumbnail pictures all within the directory, also available in full screen mode to view a single image. With it, you can browse, view, manage and convert your digital images.

Aha-Soft AhaView 4.42 download keygen: Aha-Soft AhaView v4.xx Keygen.7z (409) (password: 135044.xyz)

Run the keygen and click Generate to generate Key
 2013-3-15 11-52-37
Open AhaView, enter the user name in the registration interface, Email program, and register the generated Key, click "OK"
 2013-3-15 11-53-59
Complete the registration, About Aha-Soft AhaView
 2013-3-15 11-54-11