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Ace Pro Screensaver Creator 4.12 registration code

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator is a screen saver easy to use a Nufsoft development tools, although the operation is simple, but it can make the screen saver very professional, it supports the use of dynamic scenes and arbitrary format, support a variety of image 100 transition and scene switching effects. In addition, you can also create screensavers made his professional installation package, released for sale on the internet. If the probation period after people don't buy it, you will set the restrictions on the use of force. This is a screen design tool!

Powerful Screensaver tools:
The use of Ace Pro Screensaver Creator a few simple steps you can create screen saver slides or advanced dynamic effect, Ace Pro Screensaver Creator provides a realistic scene lifelike make your computer more vivid, both as an individual is used for commercial purposes.
Real time scene and a variety of popular image formats:
By adding Nature Illusion Studio produced in the dynamic scene or any picture to your screen to keep the program, Ace Pro Screensaver Creator supports JPEG, GIF and other popular image formats.
You make the release of screen protection:
Ace Pro Screensaver Creator comes with the installer tool so that you can easily in a large number of online publishing your screensaver works.
Custom user interface:
Through the interface, you can customize the user interface screen saver, you can program Skin Editor skin editor to create a new user interface.
When the user is in the trial of your screen saver, will display a custom window or screen information to remind about to expire, can use this setting to show anything you want to give the user information, such as how to buy your screensaver.

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator 4.12 registration code:

Name: DaS/RePT
Registration Key: 0GU01M-96ZAPC-RHR1Y4-2Z58Q5

 Ace Pro Screensaver Creator 4.12

Ace Pro Screensaver Creator official website: http://www.nufsoft.com/screensaver_creator.shtml