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Able2Extract PDF Converter 8 crack patch

Able2Extract 8 PDF Converter – the most accurate PDF conversions to Word (.Doc), Excel (E), (()), ","

Able2Extract Professional is a multi-functional PDF converter, which can convert any PDF file to Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), PowerPoint (PPT), Publisher, Publisher (PPT), Word, or image file.

One of the special functions of Able2Extract Pro is the transformation of picture PDF, that is to say, OCR text recognition technology can easily convert scanned PDF or picture PDF to editable Word and Excel files. The quality of recognition is quite good, but OCR only supports English characters, but sometimes it is very useful.

In addition, Able2Extract Pro also supports the conversion of PDF to AutoCAD graphics files such as DWG and DXF, which are not common in other PDF conversion software.

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