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Play off the cloud off pocket International Version (support chain transfer) OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk

Play off cloud chain jacket pocket is used to generate and manage account address, chain g generation and management of private key, sending and receiving chain g tool, play off cloud mining obtained can be extracted into the chain chain g g pocket.

OtcWallet_1.2.2.10-IN-release.apk download link: Https://

Feixun mall invite software cattle every day

Every cow game is based on chain block chain pet every day to develop the game. To block chain for technical support, combined with the pet form of play, the use of DDW as a game day win resource consumption.

Fiji news daily mall invited 51 friends were up to 2 generation to the 6 generation cattle cattle each one. Is the invitation of automatic operation software batch.

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The city of SkyDrive. Https://
The city of SkyDrive. Https:// (V2)

Method of use: can be set to a random password or a fixed password, registration number and the number of threads, fill out the invitation code, then landing SMS platform E code or code with hunger and short rent, code if platform

E platform code registration link: Http:// refer_id=UtZzED9kgBT%2fqhd8trb7gw%3d%3d?
Short hire platform registration link: Http:// ud=999x?

If the registration link: Http://

Barcode label printing software BarTender R7 version 2016

In the label, bar code, BarTender card and RFID tag design and printing field, is widely used. BarTender can quickly and easily design professional high quality label, RFID, card & barcode.

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32-bit>>> Http://
64-bit>>> Http://