Monthly filing: 2017 08

Remote control TeamViewer v12.0.78716 Premium/Enterprise crack patch [2017/11/8 update]

TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution that can be used for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer in the backstage of any firewall and NAT agent. In order to connect to another computer, you only need to run TeamViewer on two computers at the same time without installation. The software first started to automatically generate partner ID on two computers. Just input your partner's ID to TeamViewer, and then establish a connection immediately.

If you want to connect to your computer in school or company after you get home, many people will think of using Windows remote desktop connection. Under normal circumstances, it is undoubtedly the best solution, but if you want to connect the computer in the internal network, that is, the router (Router) or the rear of the firewall (the computer is internal IP), then it is necessary to do some set port mapping and other settings on the router to connect it, and the network management is unlikely to help you set it. At this time, TeamViewer is undoubtedly the best solution.

TeamViewer 9.0.78716 Premium/Enterprise crack patch:
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