Monthly filing: December 2015


The Xmanager Enterprise 5 registered version is a powerful and easy to use X Server server software used in the Windows environment. Users can seamlessly import remote UNIX/Linux desktop into their own Windows PC through Xmanager. Even when your computer is in the intranet or firewall, you can run the remote X application safely through the SSH protocol. Xmanager includes various functions such as multiple server settings, multi vision and multi display support, multiple user settings, multiple XDMCP sessions, and SSH security enhancement. Xmanager provides advanced high-level options for advanced users, providing convenience to users for the first time and providing a simple user interface. Xmanager consists of Xmanager, Xconfig, Xbrowser, Xstart and various Utility.

Xmanager Enterprise In addition to XDMCP sessions, it also integrates management of Xstart, Xshell, Xftp sessions, and so on. Users can start multiple sessions at the same time, or create shortcut icons for each host. Through Xstart, you can run remote X applications in user PC, and support SSH, TELNET, RLOGIN, REXEC, RSH and LOCAL protocols when you log on to remote hosts. Using Xstart, you can easily execute remote host commands in user's Windows PC. 7e3e6709c93d70cf93c7888ef8dcd100baa12b77

NetSarang Xmanager Enterprise 5 Chinese registration version features:

- multiple Xmanager settings can be set through the Xcongfig tool.

- supporting multi-user Windows terminal environment;

- support multiple IP addresses;

- support local resource database;

- keyboard mapping by hot key conversion;

- support Windows printing function under multiple windows.

Xmanager Enterprise 5 registered for use:

1, first run the installer in the compressed package to install the original program.

2, run the kg.exe in the compressed package!

3, input your information to kg.exe, click the Generate button to generate your dedicated serial number!

4. Register program with just obtained serial number!

5, Congratulations, you have succeeded!