Monthly filing: November 2015

Total Uninstall Professional Final + x64 + Portable (hack / portable version)

Total Uninstall can easily remove any program

The precise analysis of the installation program

The use of Total Uninstall "setup" module can analysis has been setup and create the setup log. This can be used to perform a complete program uninstall, uninstall the program itself even without help.

The installation process monitoring procedures

The use of Total Uninstall "monitor" module can help you monitor the new setup on your system changes made. For you in not own uninstall program to help the situation completely remove the program files left.

Safe cleaning system

Remove unnecessary files and registry entries

Autorun Manager

Manage the Windows startup procedure. Control which program, service or scheduled task automatically start up. Make the operating system more faster disabling unwanted programs which automatically start.

Transfer programs to new PC

A feature as important as a standalone program.

Native support from the operating system to uninstall the software.

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 (64-bit and 32-bit)

 Total Uninstall Professional 6.16.0

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Xplorer2 Ultimate

Xplorer2 Ultimate is an enhanced Windows explorer, has the same browser like tabbed browsing, so you can open multiple disk or folder to manage in the same window, eliminating the trouble of multi window switch. Xplorer2 has a powerful toolbar, you can use this tool to directly copy, preview, search and other operations, it also has the function of the filter is very practical, when there are multiple types of files in the folder you, if you only want to see a picture such as class files, you can use instant filtration filter only, display pictures.

 Twenty thousand one hundred and fifty trillion and one hundred and four billion one hundred and eleven million four hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred and eighty-nine

The main characteristics:

- the small size of the Xplorer2 has a good performance and abundant functions:

Temporary file container creative "";

Double window multi label with a directory tree browsing interface;

- enhanced file transfer, file copy / move operation more efficient;

Support bookmarks, batch rename and convenient operation;

Preview - support multiple file, can through plug-ins extend its preview function;

- convenient command-line functions, built-in DOS console;

- rich message operation and friendly interface;

- system resources are few, the running speed is fast

Xplorer2 Chinese set:

The official software support to Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese support, everyone in the installation in the setting of language (Language) selection of Chinese Simpli (simplified Chinese), Chinese Trad (traditional Chinese).


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