Monthly filing: 2015 07

Top data recovery software EasyRecovery (registration code / cracked version)

As a professional data recovery software, easyrecovery data recovery software has many advantages, such as supporting many devices, scanning speed and restoring data integrity. Next, let's take a look at the functions of easyrecovery data recovery software.

1. Restore deleted files
For files deleted by Shift+Del or emptied by recycle bin, you can recover with easyrecovery data recovery software. As long as the deleted files are not covered by the new file, the software can restore it completely.

2. Restore the formatted zoning.
If you do not carefully format a partition on a hard disk or other device, as long as you do not reorganize and write data, you can safely restore all formatted data through easyrecovery data recovery software.

3, restore lost zoning.
In the process of using computers, people often lose areas, such as the deletion of partitions, the loss of partitions when reinstalling the system, and the loss of partitions after re partitioning.

4. Restore prompt formatting device.
Whether it's a mobile hard disk or a U disk, they may be prompted to format. In this case, many users will format the device and then restore it through the data recovery tool. In fact, this is wrong, which is not conducive to the complete recovery of the data. In this regard, we suggest that we directly use easyrecovery data recovery software to extract the data from the prompt formatting equipment, and then formatting the device after the data is restored completely, so as to ensure data security effectively.

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