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Cloud boat browser Boat Browser Pro License Key 1 - Android (APK File)

Boat Browser is a powerful and creative mobile browser, which takes, browser, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, the world is facing the world.

Cloud boat browser is a fast and powerful mobile browser, which will bring you the best Internet experience in Android system. Cloud boat browser is an enhanced version of Boat Browser Mini, which has more powerful functions. It is the mainstream browser that first supports voice commands. Cloud boat browser is the first to support Baidu SkyDrive's cooperative application, through SkyDrive backup and restore bookmarks.
Its main characteristics include:
Multi label and single label switching functions to meet users' different needs for screen space.
Powerful bookmark manager, which supports creating folders, dragging, deleting, importing and exporting bookmarks, and synchronizing native browser bookmarks.
Speed dial home page
Address bar smart prompt
Voice command support
Customizable toolbar

Other important features include:
The UI interface is simple, clean and easy to use.
Fast start, fast loading and rendering pages.
- User Agent settings
Multi function volume key button settings, can be used to switch, scroll up pages or up and down pages.
Support multi Tab label operation in Gallary
Support multi touch
Supports full screen options.
Easy to add bookmarks.
Animation effects during operation
Support zoom in button hide settings
Support download manager
Super convenient copy and paste function
Support App to SD function
Support Cache to SD function

Cloud boat browser supports Flash (Android2.2 version above), but for speed, the default setting is to close the plug-in, you need to manually click play Flash, or set up the "enable plug-in" set to open all the time.

 Boat Browser

Boat Browser 6.1 (Google Play): Https://
Boat Browser Pro License Key 1 (Baidu SkyDrive): Http://

 Boat Browser Pro Features

Boat Browser Pro License Key is used to unlock Pro features features unlock... It has many Pro features:
1. Removes the banner Ads in the bookmark, history and speed dial and
2. Supports the ability to delete ALL speed dial icons, including the including
3. Supports folders for speed dial icons.
4. Firefox bookmark sync support (Boat Browser version 6 and above).
5. More advanced Pro features will be added.

The Pro License Key is an APK file, which should be, which, is,
!!!!! Please! DO NOT uninstall the license key APK, if you do, the you
Boat Browser is a fast, smart and cool mobile browser.
If you 're looking for a fast and powerful Android web web,
Boat Browser will bring you an amazing and Premium Web experience., premium, the first and the second, and the other two are the following.
Check for more via
If you have any problem about it, please feel free to free
Our Email:
Twitter - Http://
Facebook - Http://
Website - Http://

Cloud boat browser Professional Edition license key is used to unlock cloud boat browser Pro function, it has many professional functions:

1. delete bookmarks, banner ads for history and speed dial management pages.

2. supports the ability to delete all speed dial icons, including preset icons.

3. folder supporting fast dialing icon.

4. Firefox bookmark synchronization support (ship browser 6 version and above).

5. more advanced Pro functions will be added.

The professional license key is a APK file that should be installed. After installation, it works when you start the ship browser.

! Please do not uninstall the license key APK file. If you do so, it may not work properly.

Cloud boat browser is a fast, intelligent and cool mobile browser.

If you are looking for a fast and powerful Andr oid web browser, this is the best choice.

Cloud boat browser will bring you an amazing and high-quality network experience. It is completely customizable, and you can easily change the location of the button. As long as you like it, you can install your favorite add-on to make your browser more powerful.

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