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YouTubeGet V6.0.2 cracked version

YouTubeGet is an all-in-one software designed to make quick and easy, quick, ",", ",", ",", ",", "and".
YouTubeGet is a software that can help you quickly download Youtube video (*.FLV) and convert the downloaded video into AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4,3GP video file format. You can customize the details of the conversion very conveniently.

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Multi monitor management DisplayFusion Pro v5.1.0 Beta 19 + registration machine

DisplayFusion will make your multi-monitor life much easier. With powerful features, With, life,

If you use dual monitors, you may encounter such a problem: how to use different wallpaper for two monitors. Or, if the resolution and aspect ratio of two or more monitors are different, how to make the same wallpaper get the most perfect display on different monitors. If we simply use Windows's own functions, these goals are not very good, but fortunately, software can solve this problem. That's DispayFusion. In fact, apart from setting up wallpaper in a more personalized way, the multi display window management function of the software is also excellent. For example, dragging a window that has been maximized is dragged between different monitors as long as it is dragged (normally, the window that is maximized in Windows is unable to achieve this operation). Or through the window adsorption function, so that the distance from the edge of the display to a predetermined number of pixels distance, automatically adsorb to the edge of the current display. In addition, the global hotkey can be directly used to send the active window directly to any display. At the same time, the window can be maximized or the height / width of a specific percentage / pixel number can be determined after sending.

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HiDownload Platinum 8.16 registration machine / crack patch

HiDownload (HD) is a download management tool that can download files from Web, FTP sites, MMS and RTSP sites. It can run under the Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP system. Allows you to download movies, music and Mp3 files at the fastest speed, and has the function of searching MP3 to analyze the download address of MMS/RTSP. It also has a friendly interface.

Its features are: HTTP/FTP multithread continuation download; support MMS protocol; support HTTP/FTP/SOCKS agent; flexible multi file downloading; integration with browser; download file classification management; powerful network analysis capability; support download Flash and other pictures.

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HiDownload Platinum 8.16 registration machine: Baidu SkyDrive A kind of SkyDrive A kind of MEGA A kind of TusFiles
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