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Jetico Personal Firewall +.

Jetico Personal Firewall software protects computers against hackers and malicious software when networked or connected to the Internet.

Jetico Personal Firewall offers:

  • Detailed and configurable event logs
  • Detailed and configurable reports
  • Option to view and edit the firewall configuration

The modular architecture is as open as possible to assist with easier evaluation of the security.

Jetico Personal Firewall is a personal firewall is a comprehensive and easy to use, it can be customized to the event log and report their own customized firewall options. Very friendly open modular architecture can make the network security evaluation is more simple.

You can use the Jetico personal firewall:

In 1. connected to the Internet when protect your computer against hackers and malicious software.
2. use a pre-defined security policy.
3. edit Security techniques (such as firewall rule set configuration function).
4. create your own security policy.
The application of 5. monitor access to the internet.
6. monitor is selected (or all) of the network data packets and network events.

Jetico Personal Firewall +: Baidu SkyDrive | Cloud | MEGA | TusFiles

Jetico Personal Firewall home page:

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro 1.3 registration code

Turn your digital photos into works of art Sketcher Sketch Drawer produces color! And black-and-white sketches equally easy.

Connect your digital photos into art! SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro can through several mouse click operation to make a picture into a sketch.

How will the photos into the sketch?
Surprisingly, photo conversion pencil sketch is not difficult, even if you are not an artist. In fact, all you need to open a picture to sketch photo sketch software with a computer. Sketch the drawer is fast, petite, extremely easy to use. Open a picture, move the slider until you love the results, and click "save", to produce a beautiful pencil sketch!
Unleashing your creativity
A variety of preset function allows the photo into a pen or pencil sketch, creating color drawings or watercolours in just a few minutes. You can adjust the preset each create a drawing with your style just perfect.
Put your cursor on the right side of the picture, you will see the original image.
Based on the click of a button, riotous with colour pencil sketch
Create a wonderful sketch pencil strokes cannot accurately lay easier. You can not hold the color pencil, and even their own! All you need to turn into a color sketch photo sketch drawer.
Allow the production of color and black and white sketch drawer as easily. Tick "color sketch" box in the photo is converted to color sketch, or clear box, using graphite pencil, pencil drawing. Convert images to sketch, and save it as a JPEG file, a few clicks and adjustment. Change the picture with a variety of art sketch.
Batch photo sketch conversion
Want some photos into all of the same options sketch? Will you no matter how many photos into sketches! Available in batch mode allows the conversion of the sketch picture drawer even beginners easily. More in batch, sketch the drawer can convert a single picture or a whole folder. Just make sure the adjustment before the start, all your settings, and a bunch of perfect sketches, in just a few minutes, you will be rewarded!

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro 1.3 - Download (Wei Yun)

SoftOrbits Sketch Drawer Pro 1.3 registration code:

License Key: SKT1-04E010-31A31-APSHR-C5BLM-QJTBB

 How to convert photo to pencil sketch

Sketch Drawer page:

TwistedBrush Pro Studio 20.06 registration machine

TwistedBrush has more than 5000 brushes available, along with all the features that artists love to use: layers, realistic media, photo cloning, tracing, masks, particles, filters, script recording, scripts to AVI, drawing tablet support, brush shapes, patterns textures, Adobe compatible, plug-in support, integrated scanner support, image brushes. Drawing guides, reference image views, dirty brushes, scratch layer, dynamic palettes and a whole lot more.

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IGetter v2.6.8 for Win cracked version

IGetter is a powerful, full featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. In addition it allows auto resume on broken downloads, queue filtering by various criteria, site explorer, history list, scheduling downloads for low traffic periods, auto redial on broken connection, auto hang-up and shut down on completion, and much more.

IGetter is a powerful, full-featured download manager and accelerator. IGetter makes Torgovnik with segmented downloading can greatly improve your download speed. In addition, it allows automatic resume download, download queue, filtering through different parameters for low flow period, Download distribution disconnect automatically retry, after the download is complete automatic stop or shutdown etc..

IGetter v2.6.8 for Win cracked version: Baidu SkyDrive | Cloud | MEGA | TusFiles

 IGetter v2.6.8 for Win

 IGetter v2.6.8 for Win

IGetter home page:

Slide to unlock App money can make money - App (Chinese first Unlock Reward App)

A free Android application of this recommendation will be able to make money, slide to unlock App. After the test, can really successful withdrawal.

To app, the first type is now back to unlock app! Slide to unlock boot will be able to make money for mobile phone app. At least $30 per month, you can withdraw cash to bank cards, prepaid recharge and shopping etc..

Spend app (ColorMoney English) by the Shanghai flower dynamic media development of a free application, now support the Android operating system. Install the app money, the user will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map, wallpaper images which contains a variety of interesting and beautiful, also contains the application recommended for advertising picture user's aesthetic, creative. The user will unlock process ranging from cash, and accumulated in the app, the accumulation of cash can also withdraw cash or buy prepaid cards, vouchers, coupons and other goods in the app film.

Money /ColorMoney is a free Android application. We can define it as a personalized lock screen software, can also be defined as the return to the present application. Install the app money, the user will get a new mobile phone lock screen background map, users shake mobile phone can replace the lock screen picture in the unlocked state, wallpaper type contains a variety of interesting and beautiful images of these pictures, also contains the application recommended for advertising picture user's aesthetic, creative. Because the advertising images exist, the user will get unlock process ranging from cash, the cash accumulation in money app, the accumulation of cash can also withdraw cash or buy prepaid cards, vouchers, coupons and other goods in the app film.

Spend App (Color Money): Http://

The use of APP money flow:
1, download the app installed and registered, pay attention to every mobile phone can only register an account, please remember your account number and password
2, after entering the home can see the cumulative income information, you can view the first reading [use] to obtain a basic understanding of income APP
3, set the interface [enabled] and ensure the unlock interface [enabled] reminder notification bar open, you can try to unlock

Note: please pay in the App registration interface, fill in the recommended Code: y67b6va

Open the screen can see app with beautiful unlock interface, unlock bar respectively about the amount of cash back, right slide into the mobile phone main interface and was back now; left slip can picture the corresponding web page or call and got back now
4, APP home use [recommend to friends] function through micro-blog WeChat all channels share money app, each share will give you back now, not only happy people happy, make money together.
Article 5, APP home use [see exchanging commodity] function to view the purchase in the shopping mall, present state, recharge state, electronic ticket password here.
6, APP advertising center you can view in the lucrative return now, each return now may be as high as the number of yuan; on advertising share, not only can share good advertising with friends, can also get back now
7 app shopping mall, you can use your cash back into real money income to enjoy digital pleasure; while physical goods used in all official configuration O2O consumption patterns, to provide you with the electronic code can either store in exchange for
8, APP set can be selected in the Quick Launch bar function and select 4 commonly used functions in the application settings, go back to see your unlock unlock interface, click after can quick start these functions.

Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.02500 patch + serial number

Nero 2014 Platinum

HD multimedia in platinum standard

  • Confident and easily manage and create
  • High quality recording discs and convert almost any format
  • Play all

 Nero 2014 Platinum

New features! Nero Play to TV streaming

  • New features! Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray play 3D and Ultra HD video, enjoy the high quality in PC or laptop viewing.
  • New features! Easily streaming playlist and optimized slide

New features! One click Disc to Device converter 1)

  • New features! Video or audio CD content easy transcoding and sent to any connected device or virtual CD-ROM
  • New features! One click video or audio CD content transcoding and sent to any connected device or virtual CD-ROM
  • New features! Converted the latest high-quality Ultra HD 4K, in order to play on any device

New features! Ultra HD (4K) video editing

  • New features! Cinema quality video super HD (4K) video editing
  • New features! The new format high quality video filters, transitions and titles
  • New features! Nero 4K video editing support editing, arrangement, cropping, rotation, multi track editing and exquisite cover picture in picture generator

New features! Best mobile device support

  • Contains the latest and most excellent support of the powerful iOS, Android and Windows 8 intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer and other mobile devices
  • Provide pre configured profiles for mobile devices most commonly used

Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.02500 patch + serial number: Baidu SkyDrive | Cloud | MEGA | TusFiles
Nero 2014 Platinum 15.0.02500 - Download (Wei Yun)

 Nero 2014 Platinum

Nero 2014 Platinum page:

AKVIS ArtWork 8.0.1681.10118 + Trial Reset

AKVIS ArtWork is photo to painting software. The program offers these painting techniques: Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Comics, Pen and Ink, Linocut and, Pastel. ArtWork helps you to create a piece of art out of any digital photo. Turn your digital photos into realistic oil paintings or apply a Comics effect with AKVIS ArtWork.

AKVIS ArtWork 8.0.1681.10118 + Trial Reset: Cloud

 AKVIS ArtWork

AKVIS ArtWork page:

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 1.0.0 version

Protect your data safe and don't want to sacrifice performance and speed, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 is you need.

Rely on the automatic real-time protection strong and frequent updates, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 to provide you with reliable protection, network security threat defense a variety of known and unknown. It is very quiet and unobtrusive, will limit your freedom to use.

  • Strong safety, low resource consumption, high performance real-time protection, will not slow down your computer
  • Advanced protection function, the novice can also use: automatic detection and killing all kinds of threats, no user action is required
  • The latest forever, permanent protection: frequent updates automatically, the program is always kept up-to-date, all the latest threat defense

Real time protection function

After installation you no need to configure the Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014. High performance real-time protection will start immediately to protect your system, it also includes our powerful behavior detection function. Out of the box.

Strong safety, low resource consumption

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 provides a powerful real-time protection, can prevent a variety of viruses, Trojans, spyware and other security threats, prevent attacks. At the same time, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 is not for security at the expense of speed and performance. While some other software often will slow down your computer, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014, a very small footprint, do light weight high.

Advanced protective functions, beginners can use

Despite the use of sophisticated technology, Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 is still very easy to use. It is specially designed to require minimal user intervention. Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 is a reliable bodyguard, automatic processing of all kinds of security problems almost without user intervention.

The latest forever, permanent protection

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 virus database updated daily, permanent detection and killing a variety of old and new threats. Best of all, all this is automatic.

No longer sacrifice performance and speed for safety. Let Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 to protect your data.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 1.0.0 version: Cloud

 Ashampoo Anti-Virus 2014 1.0.0

Ashampoo Anti-Virus page:

SD professional edition release - Maid (SD v2.1.1.1 Maid Pro - Unlocker v2.1.1.1 APK)

SD Maid is a used to remove temporary files in the SD card tools, such as the system log file debug, SD card can make more clean, need root permissions. If people pay attention to the SD card in the words of the document will be found after a period of time, some feel rather baffling directory in the SD card, these are some temporary files, for a long time, the space will be very impressive, the SD card removal tool SD Maid is to help a to solve the problem. It is a practical tool for high.

SD SD Maid Pro will be maid with the perfect way to help you to tidy and clean equipment android.

"Browser" is a full-fledged file manager, use it to browse your Android folder management.
"Search" can be used to call / delete or rename files (search files, support wildcards).
The "empty folder you can search the directory to find redundant equipment, and compared to those of installed applications list.
Application of "control" can freeze, reset and delete the application (or application system).
"Unnecessary directory cleanup system" can be known in cleaning equipment.
The optimization of database testing database ((System/Apps), and can be sorted compressed database, to speed up the access, and make more space available.

SD v2.1.3.8 (Google Play): Https:// id=eu.thedarken.sdm?
SD professional edition release v2.1.1.1 - Maid (Baidu SkyDrive): Http://

 SD Maid v2.1.3.8

SD Professional Edition - Maid release description
This application requires you to install "SD maid - system cleaning tool software in advance!
This "release" itself is not visible and can not start, you only need to install.
It is the role of the free upgrade to unlock special edition, you can use additional premium features.
If it is not normal operation, please try to click "exit" button to shut off the SD maid, then turn it back.
In any case, you can email me, I will help you.
This program has been installed in the best ROOT Android equipment!
No ROOT device, SD maid function is restricted.
SD is a powerful tool.
But it has a relative risk!
None is perfect people are not perfect, so it is Android.
The residual data by the application you delete sometimes left.
The Android system will not use the debug file constantly create log, crash reports and ordinary users.
After you use the "Google application market to download the application, it will generate temporary files (like the browser to access the site.).
Let's fix these useless junk......
Why not use "a comprehensive clean SD maid"? SD will be the perfect way to the maid to help you to tidy and clean equipment (Android ^)!

Jetico BestCrypt 8.25.3 ri


BestCrypt Container Encryption provides painless encryption to store any selected files or folders on:

  • Active computers.
  • Shared workstations.
  • Removable storage.
  • Network storage.

Encrypted containers work like virtual drives easy with transparent use - intuitively and access to files. And thanks to compatibility on different operating systems, BestCrypt container files may be moved to any computer or storage media working seamlessly, between Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Jetico BestCrypt 8.25.3 ri: Baidu. | Cloud | MEGA | TusFiles
Jetico BestCrypt 8.25.3 - Download (Wei Yun)

BestCrypt home page: