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Delete Duplicate Files 5 serial number

Delete Duplicate Files is powerful tool for deleting duplicated files. Some of the key features are:

Efficient detection and removal of duplicate files
Standard scanning methods: Compare files by content byte-for-byte or hash matches - Direct
Light scanning methods: Compare files by names, sizes and additional secondary criteria
Variety of additional comparison criteria which can be used in conjunction with standard methods (direct or hash).
Powerful performances over the network
User friendly and intuitive graphical interface
Folder collections, settings and filters can be saved/loaded across sessions
Assign specific settings for individual folders
Originals-Detection Rules and Prioritized Folders
- Filters
Actions to perform on duplicates: Delete, Wipe & Move
Comprehensive - results overview
Stats & Logging - Track scanning history
32-bit - and 64-bit Editions
- WinPE support - Scan your hard drives for duplicates before installing Windows
Scan on - Schedule Windows Service - For overnight routine scans

Delete Duplicate Files is a duplicate file for the Microsoft Windows platform using the removal tool, there are three kinds of different scanning mode, the filter can support, will meet the conditions of the contents removed to the recycle bin or the specified folder, every step will be recorded in the log query.

Delete Duplicate Files 5 serial number:

User Name: EveryOne
Serial Number: 133152126-108228279-49876177

User Name: SelfOwner
Serial Number: 2044080-68148159-679048

User Name: LuckyIam
Serial Number: 1142238-94114833-130790545

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DtSearch Desktop serial number 7.72

DtSearch Desktop is a text search tool, supported on the desktop, network, search text LAN or INternet site, there are more than more than 20 search options, most of the search takes less than one second. Can automatically identify the word processing software, databases, spreadsheets, email, PDF, ZIP, HTML, XML, Unicode file.

DtSearch Desktop serial number 7.72:


 2013-5-26 14-50-37

PDFZilla 1.3 registration code

PDFZilla is a desktop application that quickly and accurately convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files.

PDFZilla is a PDF conversion tool can convert PDF files into editable text WORD DOC format, TXT format, RTF rich text format, BMP/JPG/GIF/PNG/TIF format, HTML format and SWF format animation ". PDFZilla also supports batch conversion function, so that you can convert multiple files at once.

PDFZilla 1.3 registration code:


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CodeLobster PHP Edition 4.5.3 ri

CodeLobster PHP Edition includes almost everything needed for PHP development. It includes all the standard and code of work means, advanced search and replace function, highlight the code, and automatically complete the class view window according to their PHP and HTML (XML) code analyzer.

CodeLobster PHP Edition 4.5.3 Zhuceji download: CodeLobster PHP Edition Keygen.7z (489) (password:

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PTLens 8.9 license file

PTLens is software that corrects lens pincushion/barrel distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration, and perspective.

PTLens is a good software for processing image distortion effects, because the lens produces a dark angle, distortion, perspective and color! Program support barrel - Pillow and fisheye lens, support of perspective, color, dark angle freely adjusted to support real-time preview! Program not only can run independently, and can be used as the Photoshop filter is very convenient to use!

PTLens 8.9 license file download: PtLicense.dat.7z (598) (password:
 2013-5-2 11-19-07

Password Depot 7.0.4 Professional patch

Password Depot is a powerful and very user-friendly password manager which helps to organize all of your passwords - but also, for instance, information from your credit cards or software licenses.

The software provides security for your passwords in three respects: It safely - stores your passwords, guarantees you a secure data use and helps you to have secure passwords.

However, Password Depot does not only guarantee security: It also stand for convenient use, high customizability, marked flexibility in interaction with other devices and last but, not last, extreme functional versatility.

Password Depot is a powerful tool for password setting. Easy to use, characteristics, application BlowFish, Rijndael technology is the latest encryption. Allows you to completely destroy the new file, reset the password protection.

Password Depot 7.0.4 Professional patch download: Password Depot Professional 7.0.4-Patch.7z (485) (password:
 2013-5-2 10-53-43

Starus File Recovery 3.3 registration code

Instantly recover deleted files and folders from all kinds of storage media. Starus File Recovery Undeletes deleted files and recovers information lost after a disk accident. Supporting a variety of magnetic and solid-state storage devices, the new file recovery tool can quickly restore information from hard disks SSD and, USB drives, flash drives and memory cards with familiar, Explorer-like user interface.

Starus File Recovery is a powerful file data recovery tool can recover deleted files and folders! With the new and improved disk analysis algorithm can analyze your disk in a few seconds. Very similar to the Windows explorer and the appearance of visual interface, file recovery can display any deleted files, and you can preview the disk, folders and files, full visual preview support hundreds of file format. Including all the popular image formats, music, video, office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, ZIP and RAR files, email etc.. It can work in all versions of the Windows system, including the latest Win8/Win7 and Win2008/2012 server system, and supports all Windows file systems, including FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5, the latest version of NTFS can restore the compressed files in a file system.

Starus File Recovery 3.3 registration code:

Registration name: IRAQ_ATT
Commercial Edition Registration key: 8182-6817-6789-5457
Office Edition Registration key: 3885-3587-7957-8620
Home Edition Registration key: 4747-2110-8683-6675

 2013-5-2 10-25-58

CCleaner v5.47.6701 registration / registration machine

CCleaner is the leading tool for cleaning up the personal computer Windows. This lightweight fast software can remove temporary files, you do not need to clean up the registry system log, and protect your personal privacy browsing.

CCleaner v5.47.6701 setup download link:
Business>>> Https://
Professional>>> Https://
Technician>>> Https://

CCleaner ri: Https://


Raise Data Recovery for NTFS & FAT 5.11 registered machine

Raise Data Recovery are specialized editions of UFS Explorer Standard Recovery each designed for single file system. These products serve for data recovery and data access functions.

Each Raise Data Recovery product can recognize all file systems supported by UFS Explorer, however files, access and files recovery will work for specific file systems only. Thus, make sure you use the right software edition before purchasing software license.
 Raise Data Recovery
Raise Data Recovery of NTFS (FAT) data recovery. To recover recently deleted from your NTFS (FAT) format the disk, even if they are removed from the recycle bin file. To improve the data recovery of NTFS (FAT) fast search index partitions and recover deleted files, improve the data recovery advanced "recover lost partitions" option, you can scan your disk, if you find the NTFS (FAT) after missing re format the disk partition, partition or partition table collapse.

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS & FAT 5.11 registered machine: Baidu SkyDrive | The city of SkyDrive | MEGA | TusFiles
Raise Data Recovery for NTFS - Download Setup (7.85MB)
Raise Data Recovery for FAT and FAT32 - Download Setup (7.85MB)

Raise Data Recovery for NTFS 5.11 registration code:

Registration name:
Registration code: 185AAED1-78D6A02D-C167458B-BF7291EE-FD1875EB-99C14AC0

Raise Data Recovery for FAT and FAT32 5.11 registration code:

Registration name:
Registration code: 3FA98F5C-23EEFC45-5A5404E3-1A811354-F02205D6-0A7B02B4

Raise Data Recovery official website:

PaperScan Scanner Software 1.8.6 Professional Edition registration code

PaperScan Scanner Software is a powerful TWAIN scanning application with an & WIA OCR engine centered on one idea: making document acquisition an unparalleled easy task for anyone.

The Professional Edition of PaperScan Scanner Software is the most complete Edition providing professional end-users with all features needed in document (image and PDF) acquisition, processing and efficient storage domains.

PaperScan scan is a powerful software and advanced OCR, built-in advanced scan engine, to scan the document into text is very easy. PaperScan supports almost all types of scanners!

PaperScan Scanner Software 1.8.6 Professional Edition registration code:


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