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Zentimo xStorage Manager patch

Zentimo offers a new way to manage your USB devices. While it solves & eSATA many external drive related problems in Windows, it also gives more control and makes working with external drives fun & pleasure.

Zentimo xStorage Manager is a hot pluggable device and quickly cut off a public hot pluggable software device.

Zentimo xStorage Manager patch download: Zentimo xStorage Manager Activator.7z (592) (password:

The installation of Zentimo xStorage Manager after the completion of the exit. Open the crack patch, choose the installation directory of the program, click on "Next"
 2013-3-31 17-54-33
Click "Start" to activate the program
 2013-3-31 17-54-47
Prompt activation
 2013-3-31 17-55-02
Complete the registration, on the Zentimo xStorage Manager
 2013-3-31 17-56-31

Xilisoft Wma Mp3 Converter 6.5.0 build-20130130 registration code

Xilisoft WMA MP3 Converter is a professional WMA to MP3 converter to convert WMA to MP3, and a MP3 to WMA converter to convert MP3 to WMA. The WMA to MP3 and MP3 to WMA conversion is performed with high converting speed and stable quality. Moreover, Xilisoft WMA MP3 Converter also supports converting other audio formats such as WAV AAC. M4A, and OGG to MP3.

Kinds of encoders are offered for you to select freely on demand. Also, you can edit and reserve the ID3 tag with ease, or get dulcet music by extracting the audio from video files. Besides, the handy interface of the WMA converter and MP3 converter allows easy navigation and performs all processes with just one-click.

Xilisoft WMA MP3 Converter is a WMA and MP3 encoder, which has a friendly interface and many useful properties. Xilisoft WMA MP3 Converter MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, VQF and other formats, can be WAV, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, VQF and other formats into the more popular MP3 and WMA audio format; support copy ID3 tag between different formats; its output quality is adjustable; it also supports batch conversion!

Xilisoft Wma Mp3 Converter 6.5.0 build-20130130 registration code:


Run the Xilisoft Wma Mp3 Converter, the registration interface, enter the above registration code, click the "register"
 2013-3-31 17-41-02
Complete the registration, on the Xilisoft Wma Mp3 Converter
 2013-3-31 17-41-43

Boilsoft Video Splitter 7.02.2 registration code

Boilsoft Video Splitter is a powerful video cutter to split, cut or trim a large AVI, MPEG, RM, ASF, WMV, 3GP, MKV, FLV or MP4 Video file into smaller video clips without re-encode. This Video Splitter and Video Cutter software has the built-in video player, you can easily split/cut AVI, MPEG, RM. ASF, WMV, 3GP or MP4 video file by time or the selection as needed. Our Video Splitter, as a best video cutter, is the most efficient and fastest in the market.

Boilsoft Video Splitter is used to cut or trimmed the segmentation, AVI, MPEG, RM, ASF, WMV, 3GP or MP4 video files into small video clips without re encoding tools. Video segmentation software built-in video player, you can easily select the range according to the time or to AVI, MPEG, RM, segment ASF, WMV, 3GP or MP4 video files. Direct shear flow, without re encoding.

Boilsoft Video Splitter 7.02.2 registration code: (the registration code has expired, the station will update as soon as possible)

Name: Giveawayoftheday
Code: 5E3E06A5-B94E65FD-A90E9AFD-FC349403-C9426F66-DC19D8DC-E747

Run the Boilsoft Video Splitter, select Register in the main interface, enter the registration interface, enter the above user name and registration code, and then click Active "
 2013-3-22 18-11-45
About Boilsoft Video Splitter to complete the registration,
 2013-3-22 18-12-07

Xilisoft Video Cutter 2.2.0 build-20120901 registration code

Fed up with various advertisements played before the video, so then, Xilisoft Video Cutter can get rid of them. The easiest Video Cutter software can cut large video file and remove unwanted parts like commercials, outtakes and trailers. Xilisoft Video Cutter works well with many file formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4 and AVC. H.264/PSP AVC, MOV, ASF, as AVI cutter, 3GP Video Cutter, etc.

Leave the scenes you like and remove the ones you don t. The easiest video cutting "software can freely select regions by using the slider. All clips will be shown in the interface for you to browse. Xilisoft Video Cutter is comfortable video cutting software for lossless video cutting, which is also pretty quick.

Xilisoft Video Cutter is a powerful video editing tool, it can help you choose and edit your favorite video clips, or is a part of love but you don't. It supports almost all video formats like VCD, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, 3GP, H.264/MPEG-4, AVC, H.264/PSP, AVC, MOV and ASF etc..

Xilisoft Video Cutter 2.2.0 build-20120901 registration code:


Running Xilisoft Video Cutter 2, the registration interface, enter the user name and registration code, click the "register"
 2013-3-22 17-59-45
Complete the registration, on the Xilisoft Video Cutter 2
 2013-3-22 18-00-06

ESF Database Migration Toolkit - Professional - 7.4.31 patch

ESF Database Migration Toolkit Enables you to transfer 7.4.31 data between various database formats without writing any scripts in 3 steps!

This toolkit dramatically cuts the effort, cost and, risk of migrating to/from any of the following database formats: Oracle, MySQL SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, IBM Informix, InterSystems Cach, Teradata Visual, Foxpro, SQLite, FireBird, InterBase, Microsoft, Access, Microsoft, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, CSV/Text, and transfer any ODBC DSN data source to them.

This toolkit provides a friendly step-by-step Wizard-GUI. All you need to do is: 1. Select a data source Select a target output; 2. format; 3. Select the objects which will be migrating, then submit migration!

ESF Database Migration Toolkit Professional Edition is a set of database migration tool, can also become a data conversion tool, it can help you from a database format to another database format, the tool greatly reduces the workload and cost and risk transfer.
The following migration support database and file system: Oracle, MySQL, SQL, Server, PostgreSQL, IBM, DB2, Visual, Foxpro, SQLite, FireBird, InterBase, Microsoft, Access, Microsoft, Excel, Paradox, Lotus, dBase, CSV/Text and any OCDB DSN data source.

ESF Database Migration Toolkit - Professional - 7.4.31 patch download: ESF Database Migration Toolkit Pro 7.3.xx Patch.7z (819) (password:

Install the ESF Database Migration Toolkit - Professional after the completion of the exit. Open the crack patch, the choice of CVDB.dll directory, and click Next
 2013-3-22 17-34-26
Tip: Process succeeded
 2013-3-22 17-34-41
Again, the choice of esfdbcv.exe directory, and click Finish
 2013-3-22 17-35-13
Tip: Process succeeded
 2013-3-22 17-35-22
About ESF Database Migration Toolkit
 2013-3-22 17-35-51

Rainlendar Pro + 2.11.1 registration authorization documents

Rainlendar is a customizable calendar application which stays out of your way but keeps all your important events and tasks always visible on your desktop.

Rainlendar is a beautiful interface, simple and practical function of the desktop calendar, accounting for less resources, there are 4 kinds of mode (always in front, has been in the post, ordinary window and screw on the desktop). Rainlendar is not only a beautiful desktop calendar, also support custom display, support network time synchronization and custom events and other functions, the use of Rainlendar will never let you down, your work schedule can prompt you on time, so you will not miss any important things arrangements.

Rainlendar Pro + 2.11.1 registration authorization documents: Baidu SkyDrive | MEGA

 Rainlendar Pro 2.11.1

Rainlendar Pro official website:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO ri

Malwarebytes technology takes the next step in the fight against malware. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO detects and removes malware where even the best known anti-virus and anti-malware applications fail.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO monitors every process and stops malicious processes before they even start. The Proactive Protection Module keeps your system safe and secure with advanced heuristic scanning technology.

By Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, you can quickly scan your system or completely, detection or isolation / delete malicious software on your machine.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a special rootkits, spyware, Trojan detection... Such malware tools, unlike the general free software, Malwarebytes can find the malware, malicious programs also provide clear function, and provides the virus database update service.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware offers free and paid two versions of the software, the free version of less real-time monitoring of malicious web sites, protection, automatic scanning and update mechanism and customer support services... Etc.. If you just be used as general anti-virus software, occasionally open scan, then use this free version of the program should be. But remember, the free version of program is not used to replace general built-in real-time monitoring, Web Shield antivirus software for computer security protection, need immediate words still have installed the software.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO ri: Baidu SkyDrive | MEGA

With Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO registration code:

Product ID: 1DH84

 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO official website:

Aidfile Recovery Software Professional ri

Aidfile recovery software is an easy-to-use and powerful hard disk data recovery tool specialized in recovering deleted formatted files or lost files / resulting from corrupted partition table, at an easy manner. It could recover files and data from FAT32 partition as well as from NTFS, exFAT.

Continue reading "Aidfile Recovery Software Professional registration machine".

Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.2 patch

Boilsoft Video Joiner is a powerful video merger to join AVI, MPEG, MPG, VOB, RM/RMVB, 3GP, ASF, WMV, WMA, MP4, MP4A, MKV or FLV files etc. to one "non-stop" larger file. Boilsoft Video Joiner provides you with Direct Stream mode and Encode mode to merge your videos more efficiently. And supports joining different format videos together at super speed.

Boilsoft Video Joiner is a powerful video, video software with friendly interface, easy to use, support video and audio format is not common, re encoding merge and re encoding with two working modes.

Boilsoft Video Joiner Direct Stream Clone is not re encoding mode, without the video encoding process and direct merger, but only with the same type of file format support.

Encode Mode re encoding mode suitable for merging with different types of documents, can be combined with any type of video file, because the video transcoding process, the quality may decline, but it is also a very powerful video conversion function, can adjust the code set will reduce the impact to a minimum.

Boilsoft Video Joiner 7.02.2 patch download: Boilsoft Video Joiner Patch.7z (705) (password:

The installation of Boilsoft Video Joiner after the completion of the exit. The installation directory patch into the program, click on "PATCH"
 2013-3-22 10-58-34
Note: "DONE"
 2013-3-22 10-58-58
About Boilsoft Video Joiner
 2013-3-22 11-00-15

Advanced Batch image batch conversion tool Converter 7.7 registration code

Advanced Batch Converter does exactly what its title suggests, allowing you to easily convert multiple graphics files at the click of a button. More than that, you can also edit images directly in Advanced Batch Converter, to produce a variety of effects (resize, rotate, flip, mirror, crop, filters, watermarks, morphing, effects, color enhancements etc).

The program supports 44 file formats to which you can convert: BMP, DIB, RLE, GIF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, tiff, PNG, PCX, PCC, DCX, TGA, WMF, EMF, ICO, PBM, JNG, JP2, J2K, PS, EPS, PDF, wbmp, PSD, WAP, raw PCD, CIN, dot, DPX, fits, FPX, HDF, MIFF, pict, SGI, sun, vicar, VIFF, HDP, WDP, XBM, and, xpm.

The original file can be in practically any current file format, as Advanced Batch Converter has support for over 180 file types: bmp, rle, dib, rl4, rl8, sys, gif, giff, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jif, jfif, jfi, thm, j, png, jng, mng, tif, tiff, fax, g3f, g3n, tim, g3, xif, tga, targa, tar, afi, pix, bpx, psd, pdd, pcd, wmf, emf, psp, pcc, pcx, scr, dcx, jp2, j2k, jpc, jpx, j2c, pic, cel, icb, vda, win, vst, tpic, tpi, cut, pal, rgb, rgba, sgi, bw, int, inta, iri, iris, rla, rpf, ppm, pbm, pgm, pxm, rppm, rpgm, rpbm, rpxm, rpnm, rpp, rpg, rpb, rpx, rpn, ico, cur, ani, eps, 411, wbmp, wbm, wap, crw, cr2, nef, raw, pef, raf, x3f, bay, orf, srf, mrw, dng, dcr, dicom, dcm, dic, jbg, jbig, jbi, bie, avs, cin, dot, dpx, fits, fit, fpx, hdf, mat, miff, mif, mtv, palm, pal, pcl, pict, pix, pwp, sun, svg, ttf, vicar, vic, viff, vif, xbm, xcf, arw, bmq, cs1, dc2, erf, fff, hdr, ia, k25, kc2, kdc, mdc, mos, pxn, rdc, sr2, hdp, wdp, sti, xpm, pdf, eps, ps, ai, ps2, ps3, eps2, eps3, epsi, epsf, epi, ept, avi, mpeg, mpe, mpg and w Mv.

Advanced Batch Converter can convert BMP, JPG, volume GIF, PNG, TIF, JPEG, RLE, DIB, PCD, DXF, ICO, WMF, TIFF, TGA, PCX, DCX, EMF, JIF, JPE, JFIF, EPS, JPG and JPEG files to BMP, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, EPS, TIF, TIFF file, with a graphical browser.

Advanced Batch Converter 7.7 registration code:


 Advanced Batch Converter 7.7

Advanced Batch Converter official website: